Monday, March 29, 2010

{More} Birthday Fun

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Well, the last week has been jam packed for the two of us! This past weekend marked both the cessation and climax of the past weeks events. Little to say, the week ended with a bang. We had a great time celebrating Wes's birthday with our family and friends... good laughs, great stories and the food wasn't too bad either!

Saturday we celebrated with the Jensen side, the Goodwin's and our friends. After some BBQ, darts, drinks and desert -- we were pooped! It sure was fun though... and lets just say there was some pretty hilarious conversation towards the end involving garage sales, personal belongings and the such (wink wink).

 Sunday we got some sun (yay!) and then the Vereb's came over for some of the annual Mud Pie, gallons of coffee and a killer game of Taboo (I think this was Grandma's best game yet!). The best part was the Beer Pong kit my grandmother got Wes, sneakily changing the word "Beer" to "Rootbeer". Nice.  

Thank you everyone for helping celebrate Wes's 25th birthday, we had a blast with you all! 

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