Monday, April 12, 2010

{Chaos} Abounds

Pin It Last week....last week.... what a week! I woak up Tuesday morning with Grandma Jensen on my mind, she just kept entering my thoughts. I got dressed and headed over to her house (early) to find her struggling to breath (or even get enough air to talk). Off to urgent care we rushed to find out that we were being sent to the ER, the doctor told us "they'll be waiting for you," obviously this didn't ease our hearts. After being admitted to the hospital and after three days of monitoring and testing we found out that she has Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Luckily, this is a treatable condition (in the way that if you monitor your diet, take your medicine and DONT CHEAT, you'll still live a very happy long life -YAY-).

This was a long week of worrying and pushing through, but we at least had our very own entertainment thanks to a woman named Melissa who shared my grandmother's room. This woman (suffering from heart conditions and a failing liver) was the cherry on our pie. She was blind in one eye and limited vision out of the other but SHE COULD HEAR EVERYTHING and she LOVED to talk. She didn't care if your conversation was private, if the curtain was closed, if you were in the hall.... she had something to say about EVERYTHING. She talked and talked and talked and no matter how low we whispered she heard us and had something to say. It became hilarious (we sure as hell couldn't get angry, we were stuck there for 4 days and had to find some way to endure her). She turned out to be a pretty good gal, although I think Uncle Randy had his fair share of her by the time we left haha. We got Grandma home and settled in late Thursday evening, hurray! Abby sure was happy to see her!

Oh! I finally changed my hair, been meaning to for a while, but it has been a busy couple of weeks.

Wes and I started packing this week. We couldn't believe how hard it was to find boxes, there are locks on all of the trash cans now days! There is already a For Rent sign in our yard, sad! Our landlord didn't waste any time, I'm pretty sure it was up ten minutes after I called.

Wes had a tournament on Saturday, so I spent the day over at the ranch putting together items for my last wedding this coming Saturday. Mike and Kelly are an awesome couple, they are so fun to work with. Mike is from the East Coast and Kelly is from Ojai, so we are doing this really cool east coast meets west coast rustic-chic sort of wedding.... its going to be beautiful. The centerpieces are potted plants, wild flowers in mason jars and wire baskets filled with lemons.

Here are some of the items I've put together so far:

We are also using some natural wood elements (when I say natural, I mean bark still intact). Thanks Dad for taking the time to help me!
I can't wait to post pictures of the final product next week! It is going to be such a beautiful wedding. 

Nate worked on his engine some more, while I hung out with Grandma Vereb catching up on everyone's lives. As most of you know, my presence was sort of non-existent up until a month ago.... don't ask me how I did it. Poor Wes, what a trooper! It's so nice to be able to be apart of my husbands life again!

Well, cheers to another busy week. I have a lot of prepping to do for Saturday and packing.... so much packing. Wes is always a huge help and to be honest I will probably hold off on the packing until next week.

Love you all. Pin It

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