Monday, April 19, 2010

Onward {Bound}

Pin It Well well, what a weekend! As many of you know I had my last wedding this past Saturday with a lovely couple who have become very dear friends of mine, Mike & Kelly Vernon. They have been so much fun to work with and everything came together just perfectly. More honestly.... there were some interesting "behind the scenes" occurrences such as swarming bees, missing buttons and combusting candles... but all in all everything went off without a hitch. I had much help from an old friend, Amber Floyd, who needed 15 hours of working an actual event for an Event Planning class she is taking at Cal Lu. She busted ass, 15 hours in one day! The word "no" never came out of her mouth and the girl just worked worked worked. I couldn't have asked for a better assistant (thanks Amber!). Chrissa and Wes helped with the set up (thank you - thank you - thank you) and Wes ended up staying the whole day helping with the catering etc. I am sorry to say I do not yet have pictures, but as soon as some come my way I will post them! 
Friday night, Joyce (mother of the groom) invited us to the rehearsal dinner. Joyce and most of Mike's family came out from the East and rented a fabulous beach house on Hollywood Beach. Joyce is a true Martha Stewart and pulled together an extraordinary event. Wes and I couldn't help but feel like we were the ones on vacation in some lovely little east coast beach town surrounded by gentlemen in khaki pants, navy blue blazers and boat shoes.... we simply forgot we were anywhere near Oxnard shores and had the time of our lives. We were quickly labeled Hollywood by a couple of the attendees and cracked up at how "out of place" we looked in our predominately black wardrobe and our California hair.... we truly were the one's on vacation in a far away land. I forget how close we are to Los Angeles, I guess we can't escape it after all, as much as we sometimes try.

The sunset was incendiary and the food delicious in all its Italian glory. Let me tell you, this family LOVES coffee.... people after my own heart! All in all, it was a lovely experience and now I must face the reality of my own life and return to the disaster that is my house mid-move. Boxes and trash, tape and packing paper litter my hallways and despite the long hours I spend digging and sorting and packing it seems to just keep coming. My cupboards are belching trash and shit and more shit. However, hope lies in the fact that we will have a garage sale Saturday morning, 7AM! We hope to part with all of our superfluous belongings - liquidating our assets as part of our Strategically Creative Debt Reduction Project (that, my friends, is truly it's title).... our SCDR Project.

Well, off I go to have a consultation with the beautiful Cory Edwards. Yes, we are entering another contest (this one has major cash value) and YES this is the creative aspect of the SCDR Project (ha!). At some point I really am going to have to sort through everything.... the kitchen is yet unscathed, mostly because it is going to be like tackling a Lioness who is protecting her young.... just plain 'ol stupid. I think I may start posting more often.... it's nice to write again. Much love.
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