Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Day Late {A Dollar Short}

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Happy May!!!
So I am a day late. My apologies.
What a week this last one was! We spent ALL weekend packing and moving and packing and moving. Successfully moved all of our big furniture and most of our boxes etc. to storage. A HUGE heartfelt thank you goes out to Dad and Nate for all the help moving our heavy furniture this weekend, I know no one hates our annual tradition of moving more than my dear brother. So much so that I think he creatively avoids us this time of year. However, Nate always seems to be the first one at the house on moving day, coffee in hand, ready to help us with whatever we need. We all know the carefully crafted complaints are just a charade {wink wink}. Now, we just have to throw the odds and ends laying around into boxes and tuck them away to hibernate at Public Storage for the next couple of months.

Many of you have asked us how we feel about this temporary transition and to be honest we are saddened that it has come down to this. In fact, being the prideful beings that we two Goodwin's are, we have rolled over the options in our heads a hundred or more times and have realized over and over that this is the best decision for us at this time. We are so blessed that Rick and Laura have the space to help us out in a time like this and although we know they are struggling with the idea of loosing there privacy and gaining, well, all the things that come with more people living in one house, we hope they realize the depth of gratitude and sincere appreciation we feel for them having allowed us this favor. xoxo 

Despite the stress of such a transition, this week has been absolutely jam packed with excitement!!! I spent most of my week working on the Marymount of Santa Barbara production of The Wizard of Oz. While doing so, I worked side by side with Sheryl Berkoff Lowe, a Hollywood makeup artist and wife to Rob Lowe. This was such a great experience, the kids were just phenomenal little personalities and it was so much fun getting to know them.... lets just say I am a professional at Dorothy & Munchkin hair now! I was very excited to meet Rob Lowe (what a cutey-pie!) and turn his son John into a munchkin (boy munchkin hair is so much fun!!). If you don't remember, here what we styled our work to look like:

On Thursday, we went to our first Dodger game of the season, Viva Los Dodgers! Thanks Bierly!! I won't comment about the game. However, I do want to take a moment of silence for the biggest rip off of all time, the $10 bud lite, which I took the liberty of photographically documenting: 

On a high note, it was USC night so we got some pretty bomb hats. Unfortunately, we didn't realize it was USC night so we didn't wear our Trojan garb... poo. BUT, I will say that we were very lucky not to go one day later or the combination of the game and the crowd screaming UCLA might have been too much for Wes to handle all in one night. 

Sis's birthday was this Sunday, happy 23rd girlfriend! We went to lunch to celebrate and had a blast! It was great spending time, just us two girls.... funny the conversation that gets brought up. 

Well, we'll be dropping Chloe off at Grandma Vereb's this week. Thank goodness she agreed to care for her while we are staying with Rick & Laura. I think they will really hit it off. I just can't believe how sad I feel about it, I never thought I liked that damn cat! I knew Wes would be bummed, those two bonded from the start. I just have a rock in my stomach, but I know she will be well taken care of and am just so glad it is someone I know and trust.

That's it for this update. The next two weeks will be crazy, cleaning is the next step and I am capital D - dreading it! Looking forward to settling down a bit and simplifying our life. Maybe that's a long shot (I can hear you all laughing now), but it's worth a try.

{PS} Are You Following Your Yellow Brick Road?
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  1. Thank you for a beautiful time with you today!