Monday, May 17, 2010

Power to the {Players}

Pin It Well, I was photographically challenged this last week. Actually, I think I was just too busy to remember to take pictures, but my memory has been giving me trouble lately so I'll just chalk it up to that. We are officially moved out. Can you believe it?? We sure made some great memories at that house, between birthday parties, holidays and the like we have to say we are sad to say goodbye. But that's all said in done with so lets move on.

What a busy week! We sure did A LOT! Wes had a big interview last week, I must say, he looked dapper leaving the house! We finished the moving out, cleaning and moving in. School, school & more school. Thursday was my friend Shai's 21st birthday, so all of us girls went out up in SB to celebrate. We had a blast!

Erin and I started our True Blood Season 2 marathon on Friday, now all I can think about is True Blood. Ooops.

Saturday we went to Smokey's BBQ in Oxnard with Nate and Megan. If you haven't been there, you should definitely go! It was sooooo good! Afterwards, we saw Buena High School's production of Pete's Dragon, super cute! Sunday morning we walked to church, which was really exciting! It's nice being so close! Once we got out, it was obvious our planned beach day wasn't going to be an option due to the weather.... what a wild case of early JUNE GLOOM! Yuck. So we went to breakfast with Jenny & Jake and went to see Robin Hood. It was pretty good, long, but good. The ending got a bit corny, but overall, it was enjoyable.

So I am sure you all want to know how Wes's interview went?? Well, HE GOT THE JOB!! He was offered a position as Store Manager at Gamestop, which is pretty darn exciting. Gamestop is a Fortune 500 company and from what we've been told, there's tons of room for advancement, which is even more exciting! They have awesome benefits, health insurance, 401k with company matching contributions etc. We aren't sure what store he will be at yet, he has to train for a month before he is assigned. I'll know more by next Monday.

So things may be looking up after all. Plus, this is a very exciting month! A LOT is happening this month, so we are busy busy busy. Nate will be 21 next month! Can you believe it?? I sure can't! I'm hoping next weekend will be a beach weekend, praying for the sun!!

Just a warning, I may be changing blog sites. If I do, I will of course give you plenty of notice. I have found another site that may better suit my needs, but I am in the middle of messing around with the HTML and once I get things running smoothly I will begin making the transition.

Okay, I think that's all for now....

Lots of Love!
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