Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Down {Many} More to Go

Pin It Well, I just finished making enough antipasto to feed a small army of Paul Mitchell future professionals (as the school calls us) and might I add that it turned out splendid!! Mmmm-mmm. Not to mention, I made a double batch of beer bread (one for the pot-luck at school tonight and one for my dear husband). The dogs are going crazy, you should see them with their little noses up in the air desperately searching for the source of the delicious smell floating through the house.... too funny.

Yesterday we celebrated Aunt Jan's 50th birthday with a BBQ at the ranch. Wes and I pretty much left in  side by side food comas.... severely sedated and desperately attempting to keep our minds above the grogginess that was the oncoming of Neverneverland.What a beautiful day it was at the ranch, the weather towards Santa Paula was absolutely stunning. A vast improvement from the severe case of June gloom all of Ventura has recently falling victim to.

Well, I am sure everyone is wondering how Wes's first week at his new job went! He had a great week, he is learning A LOT.... just like anytime you enter into a new industry, the new lingo alone can be overwhelming.  I sure felt that way when I first entered the hospitality industry. He's having a blast selling though, he was very happy to find out that he felt very comfortable selling and promoting. The store he is training at is ranked #5 in the nation, so he is getting a great education. He will be at that store for two weeks and then the manager there will go with Wes to his new store and train him on location for another two weeks.... at this point it looks like he will probably end up at the store in the mall, but we are not 100% sure yet.

I also have to brag a little, I am super proud of us right now. In the matter of a month (the time that we have been living with R&L) we have accomplished TWO of our goals for 2010. Every year (at the beginning of the year) Wes and I sit down and write out our goals for the year, usually they are not very attainable, but isn't that the point of a goal? Its a goal! We paid off a credit card (YES!!!) and Wes got a better job with benefits, retirement etc. Those were two huge goals for us. We are very close to crossing off another goal (paying off another credit card), which I expect to accomplish by July. Its amazing what you can do when you set goals, create a game plan and most importantly, STICK TO IT. We have definitely not been perfect, even now, there are plenty of things we have purchased (dining out mostly) that could have been applied toward paying off our debt (and should have!). So we are really working on our self-control and whipping ourselves into shape. On top of that, I have finally made an appt. to take my car in for service and an appt. to take my self in (to the Dr. that is) which are two things I have put off for some time now.

In fact, I would like to share with you two amazing programs and the source of most of our inspiration at this point. The first focuses on building and strengthening your relationship and it is a book called "The Love Dare" by Stephen & Alex Kendrick. I highly highly recommend it for all married couples.

My dear friend Jenny Dilbeck first told me about this book last September and I finally began reading it last week. It is phenomenal so far and has honestly made a difference in our relationship. Each chapter focuses on a new aspect of love and dares you to do something new each chapter (something to love and honor your partner) and then asks you to respond on how that action made you feel or affected your relationship. I can't wait to see where it takes us.

The next program (another referral from my dear friend Jenny) is Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. You may or may not have heard of Dave Ramsey, he has a radio show, has been on Oprah and has written a couple of books to supplement his program of getting out of debt and cleaning up your finances. He is the reason we have been able to pay off what we have paid off and the reason that we are are the road to being debt free. His book is AMAZING and I highly recommend it to anyone who feels the stress, anxiety and frustration of being in debt and being told what to do by your money (rather than telling your money what to do).
Because of him, Wes and I are working on creating a budget, eliminating our debt and moving toward financial freedom.

Well, besides that, I don't have much more to say (HAHA). I hope everyone is doing well and living the life of their dreams. Wes and I are both looking forward to a sunny summer full of free fun (i.e. beaches, parks, hiking etc.). We hope to spend it with many of you, creating memories.

With all of our love.
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