Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{North} Country

Pin It Hmmm.... where to start?? We had an amazing weekend. We left at the butt crack of dawn Friday morning to head up to Shingletown to visit our cousins (my dad's brother's family). This is a ten hour drive, but to be honest, it is a lot of fun because we have our places that we traditionally stop at etc. and its great "catch-up" time. After talking Aunt Jan into letting us borrow her shaggin-wagon (as the boys call it), we were able to fit all six of us in the same car: myself, Wes, Nate, Megan, Dad and Grandma.

We stopped at Harris Ranch for breakfast where the poor waitress didn't know what to think about our joking and teasing, we also found out that they "don't have vanilla creamer in the country". Ha!
We stopped by Kelly's salon on the way up and got to see her in action!
My cousin Josh and his wife Marie were so kind to let us stay in their new house, it was so fun! "Just like a cabin in the woods" as Grandma puts it (haha). We were greeted by 5 dogs (one of which I almost snuck home with me), 2 chickens and a rooster. Josh has sure become quite the chef, he showered us with food from morning until night. We got to sit out on the front porch in Adirondack chairs and play card games and chit-chat about old family stories. Megan taught me to play Spit, which I really enjoyed.... even though I am pretty sure she kicked my ass.
 We got to stop by the new house Aunt Pam & Uncle Richard are in the middle of buying, it is so cute and has soooo much potential! It will be perfect for them! Josh took us by the fire station to check out his new engine, what a beauty! He almost blew my ear drums out by honking the horn inside a closed garage... but I won't comment on that. Our first full day there we decided to head up to Mt. Lassen National Park to go kayaking and relive some childhood memories.
I must say, the boys had too much fun.
Nathan even decided to get in a fight with a goose. We tried to tell him, they're fast little guys. Luckily, the only thing this goose did was hiss at him.

Sunday, the whole family took a trip to Whiskeytown Lake (reliving more childhood memories) and hung out at the beach soaking up the rays. The boys decided to go kayaking (probably not realizing it was 6.5 miles round trip, half of that against the current).
Overall, we had a blast! We made our usual pit-stops on the way home at Granzella's in Anderson for breakfast and at Anderson's Pea Soup in Santa Nella. What a fun trip! Next year I will be more prepared to go from the snow to the sunny beautiful lake, but between Megan and I, we made it work.

Wes starts his first day at Gamestop today. I'm hoping he has a great day, I can't wait to hear about it!
He had his last day at Jano Graphics last Thursday, he was showered with cakes and tears, hugs and good-byes. It was bitter sweet for him.

Well, I better get back to unpacking and getting ready for school. I have a long week ahead of me!
All my love.
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