Monday, June 21, 2010

Sense & {Sensibility}

Pin It Where to start, where to start.... well, happy 1st day of Summer!! Last week was a nice week, it wasn't too overwhelming, nor was it too slow. I don't  think I got much done on Monday and then school Monday night was exceptionally boring given the fact that we didn't do anything except take a test on pedicuring (which I pretty much could give a rats ass about). I was able to paint my nails after the test though, the new Shrek green from OPI. I've gotten a lot of complements on the color, except now its chipping and fading, resembling week old refrigerator fungi rather than Shrek-tastic green. Ooops. Time to remove thy polish.

I sent in a couple of resumes this week, some great positions popped up on Craigslist finally. Keeping my fingers crossed. Wes was off Tuesday and Wednesday so it was very nice to get to spend those days with my husband. He went with me on Monday to get my blood work done and my urinalysis. Thank god I got a capable nurse this time that was actually trained on how to take blood from a live human being. Things went smoothly and I was somewhat relieved to see that my blood was a very normal dark red and not the fluorescent green I had imagined it would be. So much for those super powers.

I go back in to the Doc tomorrow to find out the results of all this testing.... which I have to say I am more excited about than nervous. I find that knowing is more comforting than not knowing, which is more than I can say for most of humankind. I like to deal with facts and know the reality of what I am contending. Obviously, this is a blessing AND a curse. All in all, I find comfort in truth and most of you know this about me (the Bachelor's in History didn't give it away right?).

Wes and I saw The A Team while he was off. It was pretty darn fun. The acting was surprisingly good (with the exception of Jessica Biel ..... eeeeeee) and the action scenes were intriguing. I was not bored once, something I can't typically say about most action movies these days. It was a fun film and I would definitely recommend it for a no-brainer escape from reality.

Friday, Erin and I spent the day down in LA searching through the Garment & Fabric Districts. We found some great stuff for my upcoming photo shoot. This is going to be a fabulous shoot, I am getting more and more excited! After we got home, Cory dragged me down town for a truly memorable experience at the Ink House. Afterwards, we headed to Dargan's where we got to enjoy traditional Irish fare and lots of Stella before heading home. I've decided that I have to make an effort to enjoy down town.... as much as I protest, I have fun once I'm down there. Cory promised to kidnap me in the future rather than trying to rationalize going down town with me, since that obviously doesn't work. I need a little more coercing.

I spent most of the day Saturday shopping and prepping food for Sunday's birthday/father's day celebration. Nate turned 21 on Saturday, how exciting! Now he can order all the booze he wants, what could be more fulfilling? No, in all seriousness it is an exciting transition into adult-hood and most of all we are ecstatic that he can now hang out with us when we go out at night or for birthdays which was an obvious bummer these last couple of years. Does anyone think it is funny that we can go to war and vote for our nation's leaders but we can't drink until we are 21? Another sensible American law.

Sunday was a wonderful day, very busy, but much fun. Unfortunately, doing what I do best, I forgot my camera at the ranch so the posting of pictures will have to wait until a later date.... poo! Well we ate and ate and ate. After leaving the ranch, Wes and I headed over to Grandpa Edward's house for another Father's Day celebration with Laura's side of the family. I couldn't even think about eating again, but it was nice to spend time with everyone and catch up. We didn't get home until about 8PM, I was so tired!!! At that point I had to jump in the car and head over to Erin's house for our weekly Sunday True Blood night. Let me tell you, episode 2 ended on another cliff hanger! This season is going to be good good good.

That's about it for now.
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