Monday, August 23, 2010

Oooh Baby Baby!

Pin It Can you hear that? The sound of crickets chirping? This summer has brought with it many odd events, part of that has been my transition into a bi-weekly writer or maybe bi-quarterly at this point.

The weather alone had me on edge for the longest time. I would have been better off taking a trip to Seattle or London, where at least I would have reason for the gloominess of the fog. The fair is here and gone, I can't hardly believe it. So I must now accept that another year has officially passed.  I am pushing full force forward into the beauty of a new year and along with it, new opportunity. In fact, the tragedy of last year has given way to the excitement of this coming year! As many of you know, Wes and I recently found out we were pregnant! I can't even begin to explain how excited we are!

We just got  home from our first prenatal appointment. I was a little bummed to find out that we weren't going to get an ultra-sound just yet, but excited to find out that we will get one for sure at our next appointment on September 20th. I have even more reason now to start updating the blog on a weekly basis, since I can argue now that I have something exciting to consistently keep you up to date on!!
Our new estimated due date is April 25th, 2011. We will have a more "official" due date after our first ultra-sound. 

I am at an estimated 6 weeks and our baby is the size of a lentil bean, in fact, you could fit two of our baby on an American dime. :o) Amazing!

I have been feeling pretty good to be honest, no throwing up or nausea! However, I have been absurdly tired ALL THE TIME and hungry! My chest is killing me (please be gentle when you hug me!) and I have had pretty consistent heartburn for the last two days (a new symptom!) and mild cramps (the doctor called these "growing pains" in my uterus, how funny!). 

Wes is so happy, when I told him he just picked me up and spun me around and hugged and kissed me. He is going to make such a wonderful father.

We were originally planning on moving out of Rick and Laura's in October. However, after much consideration we are now planning on staying until December to save more, pay more debt off (working on paying off our 3rd BIG credit card in a matter of 4 months!). We plan on moving out in January, this will give us about 4 months to get settled in before the baby comes. So much to think about!

Well, that's it for now. I am sure I have much more to tell you but my memory is failing me.

All our love,
Wes and Nadine Pin It

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