Monday, September 20, 2010

The {Best} of Times & The {Worst} of Times

Pin It Well this last week wasn't so great..... but it ended well.

Let's start from the beginning. The beginning of last week was our farewell to Eunie and Joan as they headed back to Nebraska. It was sad to see them go, but we had a lot of fun while they were out! Including a trip to Busy Bee Diner which is just super exciting for anyone who loves history or the past or just plain has an overactive imagination (such as moi).

Unfortunately I caught a cold from 1 of 3 possible people, but we won't name names. I spent almost the entire week in bed sick as a dog (wondering where that term came from?), didn't get much sleep between the soar throat, excessive amounts of mucous and of course the nighttime cough. I was under the impression that I couldn't take anything for it, so I was attempting to tough it out. However, as many of you know I have the immune system of an infant so obviously this didn't work out so well. On a high note, I did find out today that it is safe for me to take Sudafed and NyQuil, so it looks like I toughed the week out for no darn reason. Except of course, I feel that the less manufactured anything you can take during a pregnancy the better, so maybe it wasn't all in vane. I did miss two and a half days of school though, so I would definitely consider this more of a negative event. The worst part of the whole thing is it really stirred up my nausea, or perhaps part of the cold was nausea, I am not sure.... but I was definitely "rolling" all week long. Note to self: when pregnant, avoid sick people at all costs. Also, I do apologize to anyone I have left hanging this last week, I was very much in another world. I am slowly making my way back to reality.

The second unfortunate event occurred on Tuesday. I got my cell phone stolen. Your seriously laughing now because you know what a piece of crap my cell phone was. I couldn't even believe it. I wanted to post a sign at school "keep my piece of sh*t cell phone, just give me my SIM card back!!"
If you have AT&T, you know that your SIM card is like the fricken holy grail, it has ALL of your information, your phone book, everything.  So this means that I have lost ALL of my phone numbers. Which means if you are reading this and you haven't already given me your cell phone number please e-mail it to me or text me with it (and of course say who you are because I won't know). My new cell phone should arrive today via UPS so I will be back in the loop soon enough.

Wes had a hard week, he had midnight launches and midnight inventories and all kinds of long hours this week. Poor guy was BEAT by the end of the week. He just needed to sleep, sleep and sleep some more. Plus, he's been doing everything possible to take care of me. I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing husband I have. He barely gives me any shit at all and he does whatever he can to help me. He's my world, he always has been, but he never stops proving that to me. I hope I make him as happy as he makes me.

So for the exciting news! We had our Doc appt. today and got to hear the heart beat and see our baby for the first time on the ultrasound! I am adding all of the pics etc. to the baby page right after this so make sure you check it out!! I have to tell you, I heard that hard beat so loud and clear and I just melted, tears streamed down my face. Wes said he was so happy and he isn't one to cry but he almost cried just watching my reaction to the heart beat. He'll probably kill me for telling you that. I also found out that I am more like 10.5 weeks, so I am just a little bit ahead of what we originally thought. Also, they gave me an official due date.... it's back at April 15th! So you can now write it on your calenders in pen, 04-15-11 for 'lil baby Goodwin.

Okie-dokie, don't forget to send me your phone numbers and don't forget to check out the baby page for ultrasound & heartbeat images!!

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