Monday, September 13, 2010


Pin It Okay so this week was just that: eventful!

The beginning of the week marked my first full week on my new schedule. On Tuesday I was informed that my Fridays would not be 1:30-5PM but instead 9:30A-5PM. Altogether (including driving time) I was looking at a 50 hour week. Woo, it was tough to go back to such long hours, mostly because of the way I have been feeling and how tired I get. Mentally all was well, but my body was just not keeping up with my mind. I find I have that problem a lot lately.

Wes and I both had family coming into town this week. Wes's Aunt Sherma drove in with her grandson's Jace and Bronson. We had fun spending time with them and on Saturday night her son Jessie and his wife and kids, along with her husband Jerry, came into town to race down at the fairgrounds. The whole family went down, it was a ton of fun. I wore three sweatshirts, socks and boots and I was still freezing! I also realized that my favorite jeans no longer fit me sitting down (ha!). I was fine as long as I was standing but when I sat they were really digging into my uterus (that's funny to say) and it really became a problem. I ended up having to unbutton my pants and zip my zipper down to be able to sit there the whole night.... how ridiculous.

I woak up the next morning and felt like complete and utter shit. I had been doing better this last week and was hoping things were starting to clear up (I can hear you laughing already) but it doesn't seem to be that way. Although, I have to say, as sick as I may feel, it is somewhat soothing in a way because it proves to me that there really is something in there (since I can't feel it or see it or hear it etc.).

I started to feel better around noon, which seems to be pretty standard for me. I think it has something to do with the fact that my stomach is by then full of oatmeal and has had time to settle... not sure. However, it was good that I was feeling better because we had plans to meet up with Grandma Nona for dinner at Andrea's. Her dear friends Eunie and Joan are in town from Nebraska (and Colorado) and we hadn't had a chance to visit with them yet. Wes and I always look forward to Eunie coming into town for multiple reasons, but the funnest of them all is so that we can give her a hard time about college football (she is a die-hard Nebraska State fan) and usually if we are lucky Nebraska State will be playing USC while she is out. Unfortunately, this year doesn't seem to be a big bragging year for us USC fans -- so we kept our mouths shut and she respectfully didn't rub it in.

Today Wes and I went to Quest Diagnostics so that I could get my prenatal blood tests done. I got poked up quite a bit until someone who actually knew what they were doing came in and proceeded to tell the older woman poking me that she was using a much TOO big needle for my small veins. Wow. The new girl rocked it though, in and out, wham bam thank you mam. They filled five viles with my blood.... some pretty extensive tests I guess.

Wes had to go into work at 2PM today and he has a midnight launch tonight (the new Halo Reach), so he will probably end up working 12 hours or more, poor guy. He had a nice Saturday and Sunday off though, so at least he had time to rest up before. Today is technically my "Sunday".... soon enough I will have to say good bye to the weekend.

Our next Doctors Appt. is a week from today on the 20th. We can't wait to see an ultrasound and maybe hear a heartbeat!! By the way, if you haven't realized it yet, there is a tab at the top of the blog titled "Keeping Up with Baby," on this page you can see monthly belly bump updates as well as monthly journal entries about what is happening in the growth process for both the baby and me. You can also see a ticker that counts down to the birth date and shows what our little guy {or gal} looks like at this point in time.

xoxo, all my love!
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