Monday, September 27, 2010

Heat {Wave}

Pin It Well, it is 100 degrees outside. Completely unnecessary. This is more like end of August/beginning of September weather. NOT end of September/beginning of October weather. I am strongly in protest! Pregnancy and heat DO NOT mix well. More like oil and water in fact.

Well, I am having trouble adjusting to my new schedule. Last week was really hard for me. Hopefully this will change. I have been praying lately for the strength to get through this. It's not as though I have a choice, but ultimately I would rather find some sort of equilibrium or enjoyment in the next 6 months than to go through it feeling the way I feel right now.

I finally submitted my images and paperwork for Paul Mitchell's The Next Top Photo Stylist competition. It was a ton of work (paper work that is!) so after all that hard work and time I really hope I have a shot at winning. Next on my list is to start putting together my shoot for NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards). I want to enter the Student of the Year category, but this is going to be so much more intense than any competiton I've entered so far because I will be up against the best of the best, being judged by the best of the best (which is utterly terrifying). The deadline isn't until February 8th, but I want to start planning now, especially since this will involve me putting together a creative team and TONS of artistic planning. Eeek.

Can I tell you how ready I am for FALL??? I already got a sneak peek and now I am just DYING for more. I guess in this heat you can't help but think about the wonders of Fall and Winter, although I would be happy if Fall lasted all the way through Winter (but then I probably wouldn't love it as much as I do.)

I had a great Sunday at Church. It was a very powerful morning for me. The church was auditioning a new worship leader, a young man out of Seattle with a beautiful Indie sort of voice. It was very powerful for me and totally my style. I really hope the church brings him on board, I think it would really bring a lot of new people in to the church because the style is so much more applicable to the younger generation (i.e. 20's and 30's) but yet he sang hymns as well. The service was also very good and at one point brought me to tears (of course I am an emotional person and whenever you talk about something that I can relate to on a very personal level then I of course end up holding back tears).

I am excited for the Women's Retreat this coming weeking. It is being held at a new place this year which is super exciting, it is up in Montecito and sapposed to be just beautiful! I will be at the retreat Thursday night through Saturday. I am praying for an enlightened experience. As many of you know, my personal relationship with God has never been the problem. My problem lies with organized religion and I am slowly coming to peace with organized religion, although I constantly have to remind myself that my problem is not with the religion itself but with man's often times blind and ignorant interpretation of the religion. SO, as you can see, I am a work in progress.

My dear friend Jenny is always working on me and she still has not given up on me or lost patience. She is probably the most amazing friend I have ever had. Her faith is so strong. Not only her faith in God, but her faith in my potential.... which I have to admit, rocks my foundations because I've gone through life as a lone warrior for so long. I owe a lot to Jenny, I also owe a lot to her Mom. Their kindness and love are beyond my comprehension at times and in fact, makes me emotional just thinking about it. She is one of my very best friends and I am mad at myself for not making more time to spend with her. I just get so caught up in my day to day life that I start to forget what is important. She is definitely important to me. Some day I will be her greatest accomplishment.

On the same topic, something gave me a giggle this week. A new client of mine, Pia, came back to me for the second time on Saturday.  She and I have formed a bond and we tend to have really fruitful conversations. She is about 26 - 30 years old, beautiful Italian girl who also has a grandmother named Nona. Somehow she brought up her faith and we began talking on the subject. She went through the story of how she became very disheartened in college for a very acceptable reason (meaning, what happened to her would have affected me similarly). She just recently began to have the desire to go back to church and she has been working through her own conflicts as well. I told her that my conflict (as I often describe it) is between my heart and my brain. My heart is willing and open, my brain is still arming its battlements for war. Pia related very closely to this conflict and it intrigued me to find myself reflected back at me through this beautiful Italian face. She then transitioned from me to my friend Jenny. She literally became Jenny in another persons body, sharing the same wisdom that Jenny shares with me, the same logic and integrity that is slowly tearing down the walls my brain has built up. I found it even more heartening that Pia was actually in a place between myself and Jenny on her faith walk, she wasn't as far behind as me but she wasn't as far along as Jenny. She perfectly merged the two concepts into this beautiful, tangible example of a person who was once myself but had progressed to a point of acceptance and understanding. She represented something very powerful and strong to me that day, she represented possibility. In my mind, she personified the key to the door that Jenny has been building in my wall all this time. This is a huge step forward for me. Any of you who know me on a personal level know this. So now, I guess it is just a matter of turning the key? I am not sure if that is my role or God's, but I know that only time will tell. He never fails to make things evident in my life, so I will remain open hearted and I will remain patient and I will remain excited to hear the click click click of that lock.

This is becoming a long post. It is funny how I never really plan these out, but they sort of develop their own themes. This one is obviously lengthy!! Hopefully your enjoyed your little trip down the rabbit hole of my mind. Just remember, don't eat too much of the cake. :o)

Enough of the Lewis Carroll references, I am now exhausted from the heat and ready to bid you adieu!
So long for now my friends.

Nadine Pin It

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