Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The {Soloist}

Pin It Well, this is another {WHERE TO START} Week! Lets start with the big exciting news: my brother is engaged!!!! And I have to admit, I actually like the darn girl. In fact, I more than like her, I REALLY like her. I like her because of the way she treats my brother, I like her because I have seen him grow into an even more beautiful person since he has been with her, I like her because I have seen how happy he is with her and how his eyes light up when he talks about her, but most of all I like her because she is truly a beautiful person on the inside and out. I am happy to welcome her to the family. This means a lot coming from me, as most of you know.

Cutey Pies!

Okay, so on a different note, last week was my first week of not feeling so great. I mean, everything from nausea and heartburn to terrible headaches. Its hard to believe at this point that there is really something in there, but each symptom makes it oh so much more real.

Rick and Laura left on Friday for the Bahamas and Wes left early Sunday morning for a work conference in Texas.... so its just been me and the dogs this week. Wes is having a blast in Texas, he says everything is BIG and BEAUTIFUL. He told me he is absolutely dying in the heat though, but come on, we all know that Wes sweats in the snow so this was to be expected. I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss my husband and how NERVOUS I have been. I absolutely HATE the idea of him driving down to LAX and getting on a plane and being in another state and then having to get on another plain and drive all the way home from LAX. I have never felt this way before, but I just want him to be here and not go anywhere and I'll probably wrap him up in bubble wrap and tape and maybe tie some pillows around him too. Its such a strong and strange sensation, it makes me truly feel for the pregnant wives out there whose husbands are away and actually in danger (unlike a video game conference in Texas), husbands who are off fighting a war etc. I don't know how they do it but my heart goes out to them.

Wes gets home tomorrow morning, I think his flight lands around 11am. I had a fun weekend with Mom, we went downtown Saturday with Rami and I am pretty sure we walked at least three miles (that is exciting for someone who doesn't exercise). We started out at Spencer Makenzie's Fish Company where they had a fun block party sort of deal going on. There was some great music, vendors and food & drinks. We walked all the way over to Mission Park to check out the Pride Festival, then walked back down to the promenade and over to the pier where we ate at that new taco place. OH MY GOD, soooo good! Their carne asada was BOMB! We then walked back up to Spencer Makenzie's and hung out a bit longer. Sunday I was NOT feeling good. I was sick to my stomach almost all day, but I went over to Mom's and we laid out at the pool. It was the perfect thing to do for the way I was feeling because I would have just been lying around anyways, might as well get some sun!

Sunday night I picked Nathan up at LAX, he went with Megan back to Utah to get her all moved in. They drove her car out there and he flew home, after that I slept, slept and slept some more. I was tired!

 Well, I don't have any school tonight so I am going to go do nothing, which is just what my body is begging me to do. Actually it is begging me to take a nap so sleep time here I come!

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