Monday, October 11, 2010

Bruises, Vomit, Zits and {Dog Shit}, OH MY!

Pin It I've made some changes around here, a little more Fall than before! Yay!

This last week was nothing short of terrible. It was your typical 1st Trimester pregnancy nightmare wrapped into seven tightly bundled days.... in my 2nd Trimester nonetheless.

I first started feeling funny Sunday morning of last week, I got some food in my stomach on the way to church and I felt a bit better so I brushed it off as the normal everyday slight nausea I have been feeling for some time now. Monday hit with a bang, a much stronger sense of nausea, a dose of dizziness and a pinch of a headache. I woak up Tuesday feeling like complete and utter SHIT. Not even just shit, shit that was shit onto a highway and then run over with a car and then kicked up onto the windshield of the car behind and then flung off the windshield by that car's wipers only to be eaten by a dog and shit out once again. Ultimately, the night ended with my throwing up in the middle of a client's color. Thank goodness it was a regular of mine and not some random walk-in.

The week that followed just got worse and worse. By the end of the week I had a splitting migraine, something that I imagined to resemble the feeling of being hit with a baseball bat by Barry Bonds at the height of his steroid induced success. My head felt like it was cracking open. Unfortunately this kept me up all night, so I added complete and utter exhaustion to the stew and then came the HEAT. It got to the point that I laid in bed crying, tears streaming down my face, praying to God for some relief. Can prayers really be answered that fast? Let's just say God had a plan for me because He made sure I didn't miss church! I woak up Sunday morning (yesterday) feeling 90% better! I had that mild nauseous feeling, but I am used to that and let me tell you, I welcomed it home with open arms after the week of pregnancy hell I had just gone through!

So now, looking back, I realize I must have just gone through a big hormone flush (what I call a huge increase in hormones). All the signs were there: headache, nausea, vomiting, my boobs are killing me again and now the worst break-out of the century. Did I mention the zits?? Yuck! I have never been prone to breakouts, not even in puberty, but they came like an army of destruction this last week, ready to spread terror across my skin in unimaginable force.

To be honest, this last week was nothing if not eventful. On top of all of that hormone induced horror, I had my specialist appointment on Wednesday to meet Dr. Jadali and to screen for genetic disorders. On a high note, it was the ultra-sound of a century! I got to see everything! The hands, feet, eyes, nose, mouth etc. The cutest thing of all was that baby is laying on it's tummy (just like his daddy!!). I got to watch baby dance around and wiggle it's arms and legs, it was pure Mommy heaven! Of course I cried like a baby.

On another low note (I know!!), I got my blood drawn with a syringe. I thought this was odd, but it was just for the screening test and it's not like I know anything about medicine so I just went with the flow. The girl was super sweet and I have to be honest I really like her. However, about 3 hours after my appointment, I started to realize that I couldn't move my arm without pain and after taking my jacket off and looking at the interior of my elbow area, realized my arms was a hard swollen mass. The next day, the swelling had gone down slightly only to be replaced by a terrible bruise and a lot of sensitivity, I still couldn't extend my arm. I spoke to a friend of mine who is a nurse and told her what happened and she informed me that a syringe is a hard needle (which we all know) and that typically when your blood is drawn, it is drawn using a soft, flexible needle (which I admit I didn't know) that conforms to your vein. She also said, that the circumference of the syringe is quite large (sometimes as large as the vein) and therefore you have to be extremely accurate when using a syringe to draw blood. Obviously, my girl wasn't, it took her three painful attempts. My nurse friend believes she collapsed my vein (which she said to me so nonchalantly.... and I sat there thinking "holy crap this is painfully serious!" I guess not.)

Well, like I said, my week was eventful. I have a pretty rad bruise now, which, I have to admit, I am quite proud of. I have always been proud of my injuries and enjoyed showing them off while they last.... this is odd, I know.

I am praying for a better week this week. I really don't want to have to miss any more school. I am still glad that even if I have a rough day here and there it hasn't been bad long enough for me to take a leave from school. Almost every girl I know at my school who has gotten pregnant has had to go on leave from being so sick. I'm trying to just stick it out, I need those hours!

Wes had a great weekend down at the NASCAR races. He got to hang out in the skybox and do all kinds of fun stuff thanks to Clark. I figured he needed a man weekend anyways, having to deal with all this pregnancy stuff. He needed a good dose of testosterone, oil and burnt rubber.

Well, I am sitting here waiting for Wes to come home from work. I can't wait to see his beautiful face. Hope everyone is having a great October so far! I am super excited for the heat to leave and beautiful Fall to come back and visit us here in our little sea shore town. Praying for guidance financially and in the home search process. Please keep us in your prayers, you know you are in ours!

PS I am too tired to proof, so don't judge it there are errors LOL

All of our love,
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