Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Transition {Much}?

Pin It I'm sitting here watching the rain fall, sipping a Cinnamon Dolce Latte, attempting to mentally capture the events of the last week. I feel like this baby induced amnesia is what I must be like to experience the beginning stages of Alzheimers: you are still present enough the feel like you are loosing your mind! So please forgive me of I have forgotten something, my memory is maybe a sixteenth of what it used to be. Baby brain. Thank you hormones!
So let me think about what happened last week? I had terrible heartburn!!! Terrible, the kind a handful of tums can't even cure. My hunger is back, extreme hunger. I'm feeling less tired this point, that's a big one!! Overall, anything is better than last week! Amen!!
School is getting more and more mentally challenging. Not in the academic sort of way that one can appreciate but in the sort of painstakingly torturous and dull sort of way. My time on the floor is fine, I love being behind the chair, but the classroom time is excruciating and on the verge of inducing thoughts of torture and self mutilation. I feel like I'm in high school again with absolutely no cerebral stimulation. I just found out today that since I am drawing closer to graduation, I need to start paying the remaining balance of my tuition.... Yuck!!!
On a high note, I am still on track to be done before the baby arrives and that is what is important to us. I should graduate in early March. Yay!!!!!
Wes and I were invited over to Jenny and Jake's Saturday night for dinner, we had a blast! It was our first time out to their ranch (they live on Jake's grandparent's property at the end of Wheelers Canyon). The place was just gorgeous!!! Jenny has done such a great job of decorating their house, it was so cute! We had a wonderful dinner AND we were offered coffee after dinner, this may seem silly to you but this is huge to me!!! It is the way it should be and I was very very impressed!
I pretty much didn't get anything done this weekend, we were so lazy! I blame it on the weather! I need to sit down and do the bills, I'll have to do that when I get home tonight...
We had our October appointment yesterday, we never get sick of hearing the heart beat!! So loud and strong!! It's a beautiful sound, music to our ears!
Also, Monday was our anniversary! I can't believe how fast everything is moving!! Every year gets better, I sure love my honey! Monday was also Rami's birthday; happy birthday Rami!!! We had a great dinner out in celebration of both: yum yum!
Had a great lunch with Dad today, thanks Pops!
Okay that is it for now... I think. Lol
I love you all, please keep praying for us in this time of transition in our lives as we try and figure out where God wants us.
We love you all!
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