Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun, Forgetfullness and {Harry Potter}

Pin It So once again I have fallen behind! World's worst blogger award!

Now I am back and it is time to catch up.... a lot has happened this month. Wes and I have been looking into places to rent, although we probably won't move until January. We want to pad up our savings as much as possible with this baby on the way and since we spent all of our extra money (up until September) on paying off our debt, these next couple of months are going to mean a lot to our savings. Thank you Rick and Laura for agreeing to put up with us for the next couple of months. We will be in a much better position because of this opportunity.

Wes is starting to move into his busy season, I probably won't see him much throughout the holidays but he should be bringing home some good paychecks with all the overtime he'll be working, so I know we will be grateful in the long run.

It is very difficult to remember back over the last month, my memory is still shit! I can say, however, that I feel 98% better! This last week was especially good. Also, the baby is MOVING!!! Little one just started making obvious movements this week and from what I have read, he/she can also hear us now, so it's time to start talking to the baby! Wes and I are absolutely dying.... our next appointment is on November 17th and WE WILL FIND OUT THE SEX!!! We cannot wait, we are soooo impatient!

PLUS Deathly Hollows Part 1 comes out that week... so it will probably just be the best week ever! Here is a little taste if you haven't already obsessed over watching the trailer 5,000 times (like me).

If you start crying then you know you are a true fan. Just a mild point I'd like to make.

SO... I am now 17 weeks pregnant, can you believe it?! I am really starting to show too! It amazes me. Wes has been so good about making sure I still feel beautiful, he is truly an amazing husband. I am very blessed! This also reminds me... I still need to take my 4 month picture! I keep forgetting (that among other things!) lol.

Wes and I have been looking into buying a more family friendly vehicle. In fact, we almost bought one yesterday but decided to walk. We still wanted to look at the new Kia Sorento's which we hadn't done at that point. Okay, I know what you are thinking... a Kia? To be honest, they are really nice and exactly what we are looking for. Not to mention, they are very reasonably priced with a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty and most of the packages you would traditionally pay extra for are included with this vehicle. I really enjoyed the responsiveness and handling, but Wes and I still have a lot to talk about so this will be a to be continued....

I feel like that is the extent of our news, but I know there must be more. I just can't remember anything! It's that damn baby brain!

Sis and I are doing dinner tonight, can't wait to see her! I haven't seen Lindz since I first got pregnant, we just have totally conflicting schedules! I can't wait! After that, I have a hair appt. with Mom.... busy busy!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy. Sending our love! Pin It

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