Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sophia Belle Goodwin

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Our little nugget is a girl! Her name is Sophia Belle Goodwin and she is beautiful... amazing... and a thumb sucker.

So as most of you know I am somewhat of a Francophile and so of course I love French names.... well French anything, but for this part of the story we will focus on what matters and that is the name.
Sophia has always been a strong name in my heart. I feel it is timeless, feminine and almost musical in pronunciation. Say it, it just rolls off the tongue. What attracted me to the name even more is the meaning. Sophia (like all of French) is of Latin derivation. It means wisdom. Belle is another Latin derivative and means beauty. So I interpret our daughters name as meaning beautiful wisdom. The best part of the whole thing.... Wes loves it! Thank the Lord that my husband sees the beauty in much of my eccentricity.

So I say she is a thumb sucker. You don't believe me?

Our little thumb sucker. What is even better (in my eyes) is the Doctors say she is very active with her hands. Every ultrasound we've observed her moving her hands around, waving and sloshing and wiggling those darn things all over the place. She is going to be an artist. This just sets my heart on fire. However, she may also be a ninja. At least that is how it feels to Mommy every night when I lay down to sleep. Anythings possible.

For so long it has been hard to believe that there was really something in there. All I felt was sickness for months. Then I hit the 4 month mark and I prayed to God for some relief because all I could tell was that is was never going to end (we've all heard the 9 month long horror stories). Fortunately, I was blessed and the week after I hit 4 months I suddenly realized one day that I wasn't sick. I started to feel more and more human again. Then suddenly, my belly popped out. I went from looking like a chubby little cherub to looking like a reasonably pregnant woman. Then came the movements! What an amazing feeling! To feel your baby moving inside of you, there is nothing so amazing and yet so strange. I can't even imagine what it is going to be like at 7,8 and 9 months. Wow.

Well, Thanksgiving is next week! Hope everyone is ready! I personally am very excited. I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner. Especially Mom's Thanksgiving dinner. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm.

Wes is gearing up for his busiest time of year: the holiday season. From the day after Thanksgiving until the New Year, he will be running around like a chicken with his head cut off. His hours will be super long and he will be super busy, but he is learning so much about business and marketing from this job, I strongly feel like this is why God has put him in this position and that it will only lead to brighter horizons. I love my husband, he is amazing to me and I am so proud of him. I know he is going to go far and I can't wait to see him grow and reach his full potential as a man and human being on this Earth.

Me on the other hand, well, I am consumed with school and baby. My mind has left me (baby brain is the common term) so please forgive me if I am not on my A-game anymore. I am at 1000 hours now at school, so I only have 600 left to go. That is about 4 months on my new schedule.... which is perfect timing as you all know. So lets all pray that my water doesn't break at State Board. PLEASE. I know I will probably HATE myself for this when the time comes, but I am praying that the baby is a week or two late. I know that God has a plan and whatever may come may come, if I have to take State Board after the baby is here then I have to take State Board after the baby is here. I have faith that what is meant to happen will happen.

Other than that, I guess we can start shopping now. This is a scary thought. To be honest we probably won't start shopping until February. Obviously the holidays are here, Wes is overloaded and we probably won't move until mid January when Wes will have some time back. So I figure it will take a month to settle in. You all know me and my type-A self usually has the house settled in a week or two, but I figure with being pregnant and the crazy school schedule that I will give myself a month before I start stressing. So it looks like Sophia won't be ready to go until about February or March, which I think is acceptable? They say a month before is safe, so that is March 15th.

I really wanted to sew the baby's linens, but I am not sure if I will have time. I might still go pick up a pattern and see how complex it is. I guess it all depends on how difficult I want to make it, I am not a ruffle kind of gal so that should work out a little better. :o) Plus I really only want to make the dust ruffle, quilt, bumper and possibly drapes or a pillow for the glider (this is currently an imaginary glider as I do not yet own one).

So I may be asking for fabric for Christmas. Just putting that out there. Haha.

Okay, enough about me! Tell me about you and your thoughts! Would love to get some comments from you. Anything positive is welcome, thoughts, ideas, etc. Negativity is not permitted around pregnant woman, I think all of you know this although I have run into a couple of people who don't seem to. LOL.

 Hugs and Kisses and LOVE!
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  1. I love all of the above! Congrats, Nadine!

  2. I need an updated baby bump... Sophia Belle bump picture, please! =)

  3. Cherisse! New pic is up (just for you hehe), LOVE YOU! ng