Monday, January 24, 2011

12 Weeks & {Counting}

Pin It Well, as of Friday we are officially 28 weeks pregnant. This means we have successfully made it through seven months of pregnancy. I have 12 weeks (or 3 months) left to go. Can you believe it?

Here is my 28 week (7 month) photo, its hard to believe I will get even bigger than this!

Sofia has been going nuts lately! She is moving like crazy. I still absolutely LOVE it. It is so much fun to be able to show other people, especially when our family members get to feel her move for the first time. We are looking forward to her arrival. Wes and I have decided we want both of our mother's in the delivery room with us, I am happy to say that right now I am more excited than nervous. Hopefully I will still feel that way when it actually happens.

I have 9 weeks left of school, thank the LORD! It looks like I am going to have to switch to day school, this will most likely start the first or second week of February. Wes and I are starting our childbirth classes February 16th and they are every Wednesday after that for 9 weeks. The classes are at 7pm so it would have forced me to leave school early (5 hours early) every Wednesday and that would of added up to me missing 20 hours a month! Not to mention, once you exceed 160 missed hours (which I am already close to) you have to start paying for your additional missed hours (at $10 an hour!). SO this is why I am switching to day school. It is important to Wes and I that we take these classes, given that this is our first birth. I will still have Sundays and Mondays off, but I will be in school Tues-Sat 9:30-5PM. Meaning, I will start having evenings free rather than mornings. I figure, like anything it will be an adjustment. However, I might really enjoy it given that I will actually get to see my husband for more than 10 minutes every morning! I am looking at it positively, so it is not really bothering me. Plus, I have something much more special to worry about and I will do whatever I need to for her and us.

I am still feeling so much better (physically & mentally) and have found that although my body is starting to give me more and more trouble, I am able to stay positive about it. Wes has been amazing (of course!). Every night when I get home at 10:30PM, my feet are swollen up like balloons and bright red. He takes the time to make me tea and massage them until they feel better. I couldn't imagine doing this without him. He makes me feel so loved, I am so happy to be pregnant with our baby and to have him as a husband. God has truly blessed me.

I had another wonderful Monday morning with Jenny. We finished First Peter today, which I found very inspirational and motivating in many ways. We have decided now to start mixing in some of the Old Testament, so we are going to read half of Daniel for next Monday and go from there.

We ordered our crib!!! It turns out that the crib we were originally going to order went out of stock (seems to be my luck lately!) so we had to find another that we liked in the right price range. After finding this other great crib by Graco, we realized that they would throw in free shipping and a 200 pack of Huggies 1 & 2's!! It was a no-brainer!

Wes and I plan on buying the changing table eventually to go with the crib. We have to go out and get a mattress as well, last time I checked Target had some good deals. The crib is supposed to arrive by the 28th, YAY! So I guess that will give us something to do this weekend, haha.

Also, we are super excited that the landlord finally refinished our patio! We can now get all of our patio furniture over (yay!). So that will be another item on the list this weekend. I will be so happy to start planting my garden again, I can't even explain the joy that brings me. I noticed they have tea roses and soil at the 99 Cent store right now too. Hopefully I can have everything completed in the next couple of months so the baby can come home to a "completed" house. Not that she will care, but I do.

I guess that is all for now, I'm about ready to hit the sack!

xoxo & good night!

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