Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Blame it on the {Pregnancy}

Pin It Wow. I have been meaning to post for a while now, but I didn't realize how long it had actually been since my last post. It's been over a month now and I totally forgot to take my 20 week photo for you and now I am at 25 weeks and owe you my 24 week photo! I'm kicking myself in the butt! I have reason of course, made up of moving and illness and holidays etc. etc., but honestly.... I blame it on the pregnancy. Ha!

I honestly thought the last photo I posted was 20 weeks. So you'll have to imagine something in between the last photo (16 weeks) and this current photo (24 weeks). My belly is WAY bigger and I am in my PJ's without any makeup on so please suspend judgment, I have been sick and I am sacrificing my vanity because I feel terrible for missing last months photo (and over a month of posts).

Here is the belly:

So as you can see, she has gotten quite LARGE! In fact, she is almost 2 lbs. and is starting to manufacture fat cells, so she will really be growing from this point on. It is difficult for me to imagine myself getting larger, although I know I will be much larger than this buy Sofia's due date.

Wes and I have decided to spell Sofia's name with an "f", we both fell in love with the way it looks written. Also, I figured it puts a unique spin on a very traditional/classic name.

Okay.... lets rewind almost an entire month! Wes and I found a condo, we honestly weren't really looking but it sort of all worked out in this miraculous manner. It was 100% an answered prayed and a total God thing. God definitely it great. We were able to move in around mid-December and are still attempting to get everything in order. I have the house sorted out for the most part, but there are some major items still missing. The biggest of them all is our couch! We ordered it almost a month ago from JC Penney's and it still hasn't even been shipped, which makes me think twice about ever ordering furniture from Penney's again. Its really frustrating at this point and although the latest they can ship it is January 6th, I am still not sure what that means and how long it will take to ship and when the heck it is supposed to arrive. Granted, I understand it was the holidays and it is easy to get behind with all the of the orders I am sure they are dealing with, but still.... this isn't the 1800's.... a month is a little ridiculous. So we are couch-less. Luckily, our bedroom is super comfy and Laura got me a glider for Christmas so I have been able to stay comfortable for the most part. Wes, on the other hand, is really struggling. I've tried multiple times to get him to sit in the glider, but if I am there he just won't let me sit anywhere else. Such a gentleman.

Once we get settled, hopefully by month's end, I will post some pictures of the condo for those of you who will not be able to swing by and see it. I can't wait to get my flowers going in the spring and have everything settled. However, for now, that is on hold due to our MIA couch and the incessant rain.

Christmas! Well, it was just lovely! We had a wonderful Christmas with our family. We were spoiled rotten and filled to the brim with food and love and it was just wonderful. Wes and I have been low on money lately, which we expected with the move and all of the costs involved, so we knew we couldn't spend money on Christmas this year. This was really hard for us because we love to watch our family open their gifts and all that jazz. So we decided to use our money to buy something very meaningful for our family and completely surprise them. We gave them all invitations to meet us at a random address in Goleta the Monday morning after Christmas and little did they know, we had scheduled a 4-D Ultrasound. It was amazing! Our whole family was there and it was just an amazing experience to be able to see our little angel and try and guess whose nose and whose ears and whose mouth she has.

So if you haven't already seen it, here is one of our favorites!

So in between all of this madness, I have been sick with a cold twice now, both times involved relapses into the world of vomiting. Now, I am starving ALL of the time again. She is definitely growing and she moves constantly, which I still love. I have a hard time with the sliding the foot across the inside of me sensation, it sort of gives me the eeby-jeebies if you know what I mean, but the kicking and punching I just love! I know that sounds funny, but there is just something about that sensation that trips me out a little bit. The rolling over sensation sort of trips me out a bit too, it almost feels like my stomach is turning inside out. Its very interesting, to say the least.

Overall, I have been feeling really good, just tired and hungry. I get warn out super fast these days, this started about two weeks ago and has been pretty consistent since then. We are so very excited to meet our little girl though, we can't stop talking about it. I should have the nursery 90% complete by the beginning of February and I finished washing all of the clothes I've accumulated.

Wes is doing great! He was pretty warn out over the holidays and we didn't see each other much, but his store did really well and he was thrilled to get through it successfully. He worked 17 hours the other day and has been catching up on some R&R lately, trying to get back on track again. Poor guy, he sure is a trooper though, he has turned out to be a great manager. I always new he would be, he is a natural leader and knows how to earn the respect of those below and above him. He has been so great to me, helping out around the house and making sure I have everything I need when I am not feeling great. You should see how he walks me down the stairs and keeps his eye out for me not to trip or fall, he is just the best husband a woman could ask for and he has really proven it throughout this pregnancy. What is most meaningful to me is how he always asks how his "girls" are today and takes the time to talk to the baby. This morning he even sang to her, which, to me, shows what a strong man he is. I don't think an insecure man could do those things, but he can and does. It really feels me with love and pride.

Well, I have to get back to chipping away at these left over boxes and getting the things done that I can while I am off. I promise to stay more on top of the blogging (and pictures) from here on out. Now that I have my computer desk put together it will be easier for me to remember.

Sending all of my love to you all in this new year ahead of us! Happy 2011, may this year be a blessing of health and happiness to you.

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