Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday {Fun Day}

Pin It I'm happy. Really happy. I had a really good day today. Not only was it a good day, it was a productive day. However, the two may be synonymous in my head so either way.... it was GOOD.

I woak up, in our new home (that I am falling more and more in love with) at my regular time (between 7:30 and 8:30am) which has started to come back to me over this last week. I was so far off my old schedule, whether it was living in someone else's house or the pregnancy or stress... what have you, I had sort of lost my identity. So as of late, I have been waking up at my regular time (the time I naturally woak up at all of my adult life) and it fills me with joy. That may seem corny, but to naturally wake up early and have your whole day ahead of you without the stress and dread of the beeping alarm is a wonderful feeling in my book. So back to the story, I woak up early and was able to spend some time with Wes before he headed out the door to work. After which, I made myself breakfast and caught up on my assigned bible reading before heading off to Monday bible study with Jenny.

Jenny and I meet every Monday (for the most part, life does sometimes happen) at Simone's for coffee and bible study. We also use this time to catch up with what happened in each others lives over the week. Its a very special time for me, I enjoy it very much. After our time together, I got gas (the cost of which I don't want to mention), got a quickie car wash (nothing special, but better than before... since Wes yelled at me Saturday night for driving at night with a dirty windshield while pregnant), picked up my mail from the post office and headed to Grandma's for lunch. Mom came by on her lunch break and Nate showed up too, it was a very nice visit. We sat out in the backyard and soaked up the sun (Yay for Vitamin D!). It was really nice to see Uncle Randy too, since he has been in school all of January, I haven't had a chance to exchange witty banter with him in a while.

After Grandma's, I made the Monday bank run, the grocery store run, got this weeks bills done and caught up on the finances, made tacos for dinner (so good!) and now I get to spend the evening with my amazing husband. It feels really good! I am finally getting some energy back and my mind is clearing just enough to actually get stuff done.... I have a very strong feeling it is the iron supplements. They have made all the difference. I went up to two a day today so I am expecting to feel even better. Thank God! I was really dying there for a while.

Sunday was also a really nice day for me, Cherisse came up from Corona to visit me for the day and we walked over to Hill St. Cafe and had lunch and came back and talked for hours. It was so good to see her and catch up in person rather than over the phone which is what we are usually limited to do to the distance. 

Okay, okay, I know you want to know about the couch. Well, the 14th rolled around and no word from that quality establishment - JC Penney's. Wes and I decided to go out and look around and found a new couch at Sofa's Etc. that hadn't been there the first time we looked. We were able to have it picked up the next day and cancelled the JC Penney's demon sofa (good riddance!). We are so excited about this couch, it fits perfectly and has the perfect amount of space for what we need! Just a couple more things to pick up and we'll be pretty much set in our new condo. Now that it is sunny, we can't wait to get our patio furniture over.... just have to wait for the landlord to refinish the patio (since we don't want to have to move it again) and he has been waiting for a sunny weekend to do so.

It's finally coming together! I feel a lot less stressed than last week. I think between the couch and the iron supplements a lot of weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I had a really nice weekend and although I can't honestly say that I am looking forward to the week ahead of me, I can say that I feel better about facing it than I normally do.

Can you believe January is almost over? I realized that Mom's birthday is already this Friday and it was a complete shock! I still feel like it should be the beginning of January, not the end! Time is flying for us.

Well, I think I am out of thoughts. Hope everyone had a wonderful MLK day and took the time to think about how grateful they are for their civil liberties, despite how they might feel about our government at this point in time.

In closing, I send my love and along with it, one of my favorite inspirational MLK quotes:

"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity."
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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