Monday, February 21, 2011

A {Cacophony} of Coughing and Other Such Illness Related Sounds

Pin It Well..... last week hit me like a ton of bricks. I was the epitome of walking death and trust me, I looked like it too. I haven't been able to muster up the energy to put makeup on for at least a week now, about the only beautifying I've done is taking a shower every morning to wash the stench of Vick's Vapor Rub off of me, clear my lungs and relax my cramping pregnant muscles. Let me tell you, hot showers have a whole new appeal to me now that I am in my third trimester. I don't think I could get through my day if I couldn't take a hot shower in the morning, it completely relaxes my cramped painful body and gives me a sense of starting fresh. No pun intended.

So I woddled my way through illness last week, forcing myself not to miss one hour of school, despite the fact that my husband thought I should stay home and rest. It was hell, I'll admit it and there was more than one day that I drove to school with tears in my eyes and prayer in my heart. God willing, I made it through. Thursday night I came home, sicker than a dog, to find my husband on the couch telling me that he felt like he was going to get the chills. WHAT? My husband NEVER gets sick! When I say never, I mean, never! I was already surprised that he had caught a little cold last week and now chills? Meaning FEVER? Meaning FLU? Oh Lord.

I took his temperature and sure enough he had a fever of 100 and almost immediately went into the chills, upon which I had to get him warmed up and dressed in sweats and covered with blankets on the couch. (Yes, we switched beds. I needed to be able to shut the door and just SLEEP and he needed to be able to not hear me cough so it worked out better. I still love my couch bed though). I filled him full of Emergen-C and Tylenol and went to bed praying to the Lord that I did not get a fever. As you probably know, pregnancy and fever DO NOT MIX.

The next morning, Wes woke up feeling much better, but still sick. He no longer had a fever and I made him promise to just relax and do nothing. Unfortunately, he is not used to being sick and so didn't exactly listen to me (I guess I can't get too mad, we're obviously both HARD HEADED individuals when it comes to "taking it easy"). I got home Friday evening and Wes was even worse with a temperature of 102!

At this point, I cannot even explain the emotions going through me. I was a disaster and I pulled strength out of the depths of my soul because I still do not know how I was able to manage last Thursday through Saturday. Some unexplainable strength came over me and I was able to take care of my husband when all week I had barely been able to take care of myself. It's not that I felt any better, I didn't, it was more of a super-human thing. Like, all of a sudden the mother in me kicked in. I got to thinking about it and I realized that I don't remember my Mom ever being sick when I was a kid. This is not to say that she wasn't, I am sure she was, but if we were sick we were always being taken care of. There was never a "Mommy's too sick right now honey." She just did it and we didn't think anything of it, it was just the way things went. I guess I am now realizing how much happens behind the scenes when you are a Mom and how much is taken for granted, or perhaps expected of you. So maybe this is 15 years too late, but THANK YOU Mom.

So fortunately Wes had already scheduled himself to have Friday-Sunday off, I guess God had a hand in that one because it meant he didn't have to miss any work. Poor guy didn't really get a day off though. As you can imagine, by Saturday night our house was a disaster. It was atrocious. I decided that if I woke up Sunday feeling any better that I would clean and sanitize the whole house because there is no way we were going to get any better surrounded by illness like that. Not to mention, due to the rain we were forced to keep all of the windows shut so the house even SMELLED of illness. I woke Sunday to the SUN and Wes and I deep cleaned everything. I washed everything in hot water, when I say everything, I mean everything. Every pillow, blanket, item of clothing that touched us, everything.

He says he feels about 90% better, I would say I am at about 70% and still working my way there. If it wasn't for this terrible cough and my plugged nose! Ultimately, I am just happy to be sleeping more, although I am still up most of the night coughing.

My birthday is this week, yay! It is going to rain, but that's pretty normal for my birthday. My baby showers are coming up and I have to admit, I am pretty excited! I can't believe it is already time for that. I can't wait to meet our little girl! Not much longer!

Well, I hope everyone is avoiding this terrible flu. It is terrible this year and it seems like everyone I know has it. Stay healthy and enjoy the last week of February. March is already sneaking up on us! I think I might invest in a SARS mask.

All my love,
N. Pin It

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