Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Picture} Paradise

Pin It So I feel as though I have been depriving you lately of images, which I have. I am usually pretty good about the photo taking, so maybe it is just the incessant forgetfulness of my pregnant mind or maybe it is just plain laziness. Anyhow, I have resolved to make up for it. I had fun with my pocket camera yesterday and wished I would have taken more over the weekend, since it was pretty eventful. I plan on getting my Canon out of retirement soon, so you can have even better fancy-schmancy photos to look at!

So many of you messaged me asking about how I burned my hand. I have decided to refrain from taking a photo of this, since it is in a hideous peeling stage and my fingers (according to my husband) resemble the look of burned hot dogs. Lovely.

Well, I wish it was some daunting tale of heroic deeds, but in fact it was not. The truth of the matter is that I was maimed by Trader Joe's frozen vegetables.

It wasn't the vegetables fault, nor was it really my husbands because I should have realized he wasn't really sure how to make frozen vegetables in the microwave. In fact, we never make frozen vegetables in the microwave, we always make fresh vegetables on the stove. Unfortunately, we were low on food the last two weeks and so we were using what we had.

Lets just say, there were too few vegetables cooked for too long and when I was asked to check them I did not realize this, pulled back the plastic wrap and wallah! burned hot dogs. Except that I actually like burned hot dogs and this was no where near as enjoyable. In fact, this was pretty terrible and I am definitely not a rookie when it comes to burns either.

This week has already begun to trump last weeks events by say.... a billion percent! Thank the Lord! Saturday was my first Saturday off the floor at school, I sat upstairs and practiced rolling perms on my doll head..... which I can argue I am now much better at. We don't get many perms in the evenings, little old ladies don't like to come out at night I'm guessing. So although the few perms I did due (prior to getting pregnant, since I cannot be around those chemicals at all now) turned out beautifully, it sure would take me a long time to wrap them. I'm getting faster. I have to admit that although Saturday was a complete success for my body (I felt physically great at the end of the day) it was a complete melt-down for my mind (I need a lot of stimulation and my doll head is sort of a bland conversationalist).

Okay, pictures! I finally got some plants planted. Just a a couple, but its better than nothing right?!

Two of these were gifts from my Grandma Fay, which I finally planted so now they will have a chance to flourish (they've been sitting around waiting for some love for a couple of weeks now). Our little condo is slowly starting to look more like a home.

Wes and I had a nice day yesterday. We had Sofia's Doc appointment in the morning and ended up meeting with Dr. Cole instead of Anne, not sure why. The Doc agrees with my guestimate that Sofia will indeed be an eight pound baby. Yeash. Other than that, he says my pregnancy looks great, really good. Those are always welcomed words! I told him I was starting to get some of my old First Trimester symptoms back and he told me that was just called un-lucky. Ha! I had a feeling!

After that, Rick and Laura took us to lunch which was really nice. We got to sit and catch up, it is always nice to spend time with them. We where at their house all day Sunday for the Super Bowl, but so were 20 other people which meant there wasn't much conversation on a personal level. Two of our friends brought their little ones, 4 and 5 months. So sweet. Wes won some money in the pools so that was definitely a blessing to our pocket book this month since we have been behind lately. Thank you God!

After lunch, we came home and I got to crafting. I just had the urge, so I went with it. Laura gave me an old lamp shade (I needed a lamp shade for the lamp my mom gave me for Sofia's room) so I went to town covering it in fabric to match her crib.

Using the old fabric that was on the shade as a template for the new fabric.

Fabric is on, now gluing trim on the edges.

Finished shade.... Pretty!

I am really happy with how it came out. Wes had the idea to use two different fabrics, I think it pulled it together perfectly. Thanks baby!

I also wanted to hang Sofia's name over her crib. We stopped by Michael's earlier that day and I wasn't happy with any of the lettering so I came up with the idea of making an old-time looking garland. I free-hand cut the letters and did a rough zig-zag stitch to make it look old and warn. I am really happy with the end result, except that I might have changed the "i" and the "a" a bit if I did it again, but oh-well.

Here it is!

Wes hung up some some sentimental hand-painted art for me. These were in my room as a child, as well as my mother's room when she was a child so they are very meaningful.

So we have about half of the room done so far! (I won't show you the other side yet, haha!).

I'm really happy with how it is turning out! Now I just need that book shelf for the other wall (the mysteriously omitted wall) and I will be almost set. So, more pictures yet to come!

Also, many of you know I have been tossing this one around for a while now. The cloth diaper vs. disposable diaper decision. I decided, after much research, that I am going to use cloth diapers. I am not saying that I will not use disposables at all, I am sure I will, but my plan is to use cloth diapers whenever I am the person diapering and disposables when someone else is having to change her diaper (i.e. she is at Grandma's house for the evening etc.). I will also use disposables the first week when Sofia's excrement is still full of Meconium, making it black and tar-like. Wes is concerned that I am just creating more work for myself, which maybe I am. I honestly wouldn't even consider it if we didn't have a washer and dryer, but we do and the list of positives for the cloth diapers excessively trumps the list of positives for disposable diapers (in my book).

I have decided to go with Cloth-Eez Prefold diapers from Green Mountain Diapers (which are similar to what our Grandmother's used, except more quilted/absorbent). These are the  one's that would require pins, except for the amazing invention of the Snappi. The Snappi is similar to what you would use to hold an Ace bandage closed, except it pulls from multiple angles and makes cloth diapering an ease.
Cloth-Eez Prefold Diapers.

Bummis Waterproof Diaper Covers.

Snappi Fastener.

Here is a video on using this method. There are a ton online, but this one seems to best show the entire process.

You may or may not agree with this decision (mom!), but I want to try it out. They are extremely less expensive than disposables, so if it doesn't work out for me then there is no real loss. If it does, there is a huge gain. It is worth a try in my book and I am actually very excited for it.

Eeek! I have to run! Time to head up to SB for school - woo-hoo (said with extreme notes of sarcasm).

Love and Prayers!
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