Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Ramblings of a {Sick} Pregnant Woman

Pin It So my cold has completely exploded into totally consuming my life at this point. I am sicker than a dog and my body seems to be almost successfully attempting to cough up my lungs.... not just what is in my lungs, but my actual lungs themselves (at least that is how I feel). So since I am being quarantined here on this island that is my couch in this house that is no longer a home (more a makeshift hospital with piles of blankets, pillows, tissues and assorted over the counter medications) I have decided to make another entry this week. What can I say, I am starved for mental stimulation which I sadly don't get at school even though I force my sick body off the couch everyday at noon to head up to Santa Barbara and reinfect all of those germy beer-pong playing kids that infected me in the first place with their viral exhalations. Uck.

My husband made me green tea with honey this morning, it was amazing and is doing wonders to soothe my scorched throat. He is amazing, I can't say that enough, absolutely amazing.

I've been sleeping on the couch, which he just HATES and thinks that I am absolutely ridiculous for and that he should be sleeping on the couch and I should be in the bed. I have to be honest, the couch is my friend right now. I am so comfortable on the couch, SO comfortable. This is a luxury I was not receiving in the bed at 31 weeks pregnant and SICK, despite our memory foam mattress topper. I get enough air, its dark and calm and I am just totally comfortable. I only wake up about four times a night and for very short periods of times, which ultimately trumps the waking up every hour with leg cramps and an achy body and not being able to go back to sleep sometimes at all. So the couch is my new love, it makes me happy. I think my husband has begun to realize this because he doesn't complain as much that he is not happy about me sleeping on the couch, he seems to have accepted that I will have it no other way at this point.  At this point I want to get down on my knees and thank my in-laws for our gift because I can't think of one other inanimate object that makes me feel more normal right now than that couch. It is a godsend to my pregnant body. I must say, it is sad falling asleep without him by my side though.

Wes and I had our hospital tour last night. Technically we were supposed to do this before our seventh month, but the hospital only does it on Tuesday nights and so I kept putting it off because I didn't want to miss school. I have to be honest, I am SO glad we did it. We both felt 100% better afterwords. We were walked through the entire process, exactly what we need to do and where we need to go when we get to the hospital. We were shown all of the rooms, labor & delivery as well as the room options for recovery. We were walked through what would happen while we were in labor (or at least what the nurses would do) and so on and so forth. For a first time parent, I strongly recommend doing this, it was excessively informative and very much needed. We also got our pre-registration papers, birth certificate papers and pediatrician papers which need to be completed and filed prior to arriving at the hospital.

The one downfall to all of this is that I really didn't like the way the hospital felt or smelled. This may or may not sound funny to you, but I didn't like the "energy" I felt there. Energy really affects me. I don't think it was the people (they were all so warm and nice!), I just think it was the hospital in general. I didn't like the room size and the coldness of the rooms. I didn't feel like it was the kind of place I would want to give birth. On the other hand, I want to be in the hospital in case something goes wrong.... I mean, what better place to be if something went wrong? So I am sort of torn on this one. I figure I'll have my first child in the hospital and if I am unhappy in any way then I can look into other options at that point. Who knows, once I am in that room with my husband, my mom and my mother in law and midwife then maybe it will all go away and I will feel the positive energy that I expect from them. I have also heard it helps to bring music and when you already have children it helps to bring pictures of your other children. We obviously don't already have children, but maybe I will look into making a playlist of music that calms me.

Well, thanks for your ear. I must now go and wash the Vix off of me and attempt to make myself presentable for school. Mount Everest here I come!

Please send your healing prayers our way! 

With love and other happy thoughts,
N. Pin It

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  1. P.S. I know I owe you a 32 week photo. I will work on getting that one up this week. xoxo. N.