Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and the {Common Cold}

Pin It It's Valentine's Day and we have a house full of sickies! So I am warning you that this entry will probably be short and less than exciting given my current state.

Wes came down with a terrible cold some time around the middle of last week. I had to go out and stock up on cold medicine, we were out of everything! Luckily, I was able to find almost everything on sale so I saved at least $20. We all know how expensive medicine can get and this was definitly not something I had factored into our Dave Ramsey inspired budget this month. It got worse, I caught the cold and with it went my last reserves of energy which meant that I failed miserably at preparing our lunches and coffee etc. towards the end of this past week which meant that we ended up spending money on lunch and coffee (eeeek) which is totally forbidden and definitly NOT included in our budget. So the budget took a heavy beating this past week, but we are determined to get back on track.

I'm still not feeling great. Wes seems to be doing much better except he is still struggeling to breathe through his nose. I laid on the couch all day yesterday (except for a brief interim where I went to Grandma V's for her birthday celebration, but ultimately relaxed in a rocking chair the whole time).  I had a really nice time over at Grandma V's, eating way too many sweets (probably didn't help the cold) and just having a nice conversation with the family. I also found out that a cousin of mine is expecting their own dear little one in October, I am so very excited for them and their new joy!

Wes and I enjoyed some chicken noodle soup and honey bread last night before sitting down to watch the worst movie I have seen in a really long time: "You Again" with Jamie Lee Curtis, Susan Sarrandon and Kristen Bell. Don't waste your time.

I ended up lying on the couch most of today as well, minus a quick trip to the post office, bank and a stop by Grandma Jensen's for lunch. We had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, yum! I came home to a little suprise, a baby shower gift from some dear friends of our family!

This is our diaper bag (my husband was excited to pick this one out since it is definitly "man-friendly"), along with a brush/comb and finger nail clipper set! It was so weird to get this, I think this is the first gift we have gotten that is not clothing and for some reason it came with more realization for me. We are actually having a baby that needs these items. Wow.

Since I spent so much time lying around, which I tend to really struggle with (i.e. the reason I often times get yelled at by my dear husband for not taking it easy), I ended up doing some remodeling on the blog. I felt like a fresh summery start, something more cheerful. Hope you like it.

Last Thursday, I joined a new bible study group for young mothers. It was wonderful! We are reading Francis Chan's Crazy Love.
Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God
I'm only a chapter in so far, but I will let you know how it goes. I really enjoyed the bible study and having the chance to meet up and talk with other young mothers, it was really, very nice. Even better, was the fact that I found out two of my friends use cloth diapers and they LOVED them. They gave me their scoop on the dooty detail and told me they would bring samples (of the diapers, not the dooty) to our next bible study this Thursday, I am excited!!!

I really have done nothing around the house this week, except make it dirty. I have been so out of it with this cold and I've really been having a hard time sleeping, which I know doesn't help. I had a whole list of cleaning and other things to get done, but I guess they are going to have to wait. Life sometimes gets in the way as we all know.

Wes is picking up dinner for Valentine's Day, we got a gift card from his parents for one of our favorite restaurants so he went ahead and put the order in to bring it home when he gets off work tonight (since I am definitly not feeling up to going out). I think we might rent a movie and just take it easy. Excited to spend time with my hunny!

I hope you are having or will have a wonderful Valentine's Day, a day full of love and excitement! Or at least, some good relaxation!

Sending our Love!
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