Monday, March 28, 2011

Fat and {Happy}

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Happy. Fat and happy, that is.

Actually, I am ecstatic. I feel so blessed, I'm just exploding with joy and happiness, but mostly gratefulness, to God, for blessing our life in so many beautiful ways.

This is my last week at Paul Mitchell, which I couldn't be more excited about! I intend to make it a great one, not quite sure how yet, but I will find a way! Sofia has agreed to stay in at least another two weeks. Haha. The plan is to get through this week at Paul Mitchell and then have a week of R&R to myself and then I will be ready for our little blessing to arrive. Lets see if our little one agrees with her Mommy's plans (wink wink).

We had an appointment this morning with Anne (our midwife). I was measuring BIG so she asked us to stay for an ultrasound, which I don't think either of us minded because we are always looking for excuses to hear that everything is looking GREAT with our precious little package. Wes and I were so excited to see her again, I don't think that feeling will ever go away. She measured at 7.5 lbs. Big, but not too big. Thank you Lord! She will gain approximately half a pound for every week that she stays inside of me, so if she is born at or around her due date that will make her approximately 9 lbs. So the ultimate largest she can get is 10 pounds, if for instance I exceed my due date by two weeks (which is the longest doc will let me go before inducing labor).  That's flippin BIG and I have to admit, freeks me out quite a bit. However, like previously mentioned, Wes and I are going to wait until 39 weeks and then we are going to start actively (and safely, of course) encouraging labor through natural methods. We will of course leave those "natural" methods up to your imagination for now, but I encourage you not to read too far into that, as cryptic as it may be. Overall, it was another successful appointment, everything looked great! We will be going weekly from here on out. I was actually slightly hoping to get checked today, but our midwife said that as long as everything looks good and there are no signs of early labor that there is no reason to check until the last week.

I had a wonderful day yesterday! I went to the Flea Market with my family and my friend Olivia from New Hampshire. Yes, her name is Olivia from New Hampshire. No, not really, but that is what I call her. It was a blast, I got some sun (finally) and found some great vintage tablecloths, a super cool beverage set and a lovely milkglass pitcher.

Afterwords, I went to Jenny's little sis's bridal shower where I had a wonderful afternoon with some dear friends and their family. I also got some wonderful news from two close friends. More cryptic information, sorry. Lets just say, I am THROUGH THE ROOF about this news but cannot tell you any more than that!

Wes installed the car seat yesterday! He did a great job and did it in no time at all! I don't think King Kong could rip that thing out of the back seat. I have to say, it looks pretty good in there, like it has always been there. We decided to go for a walk yesterday and enjoy the weather. I realized once again (how many times I will have this realization in my life, I am not sure) how much I am a nature  person. Just getting out and going for that walk made my whole day. It was such a special time for me with my husband, it filled me with such joy. There truly is beauty in simplicity. I can't wait to share those special moments together with our baby girl.

Speaking of walks with our baby girl, our stroller came today! We are IN LOVE with it. We decided to go with a all-terrain jogging stroller. We figured this would be the most versatile (and have realized the beauty in versatility lately). Wes likes to go for runs and I like to go for walks, so we wanted something that could take a little more "wear and tear". This thing is the ultimate baby mobile! It is so flippin cool, I want one for myself!

The Bumbleride Indie - a UK creation that has exceptional reviews on the web (as in ALL pros and no cons), an amazing warranty and super light weight/versatile design. You can check out more of the Indie's features here. The best thing is that this stroller can accommodate our little one from birth to 45 lbs. It holds our carseat perfectly for when she is super little and can be adjusted pretty much everywhere as she grows. The seat folds completely flat into a bed (for when little one is sleeping or needs to be changed) and the canopy is made of SPF 45 material and unzips in the back to allow baby to get a breeze without compromising her sun protection. I have to say, it seems pretty darn fabulous so far! We can't wait to use it!

I took advantage of the sun today and did a bit more planting: some herbs and jasmine. As many of you know, I have a love affair with both.

Well, I am off to Santa Barbara for two hours of school. Silly, but necessary. Pray for me this week, that little one stays in until at least next Wednesday so I can say good riddance to Paul Mitchell and not have to worry about going up there after her birth.

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