Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A {Productive} Series of Events

Pin It God is good. We have officially crossed almost everything off of our pre-baby TO DO list. A feat I originally thought would be impossible. There are only two items left..... finish my hours at Paul Mitchell (which are expected to be complete as of April 2nd, two weeks from this past Saturday) and install the car seat. The car seat had been in the plans for this past weekend, but with this crazy downpour we decided to wait for sunnier days to make installation easier... especially since we are noobs and know that this is often not the easiest thing for first-timers to do.
We completed our birth preparedness classes this past weekend. It was a LONG weekend, but the classes were actually a blast! We learned quite a bit! All day Saturday we focused on labor and delivery.... which I think was a big eye-opener for Wes and more of a reassurance for me. All day Sunday we focused on the postpartum stuff - what happens in the hospital after the baby is born, taking care of the baby, breastfeeding etc., which was my big eye opener day --- I learned A LOT! I have to say, it made us both feel a lot more comfortable and secure about the unknown in many ways and was totally worth it! 

This Friday our little nugget will be considered full term - 37 weeks. Which technically means I could go into labor anytime after that or safely encourage labor anytime after that (walking up hills, eat spicy foods, etc). I am so completely uncomfortable at this point that I would love to say "get this baby out of me," but the reality of the situation is that I need to be patient and trust in God because  I legitimately need her to stay in me for at least two more weeks. However, after school is complete and I have my Proof of Training (that handy piece of paperwork that I need to apply for State Board), you might just find Wes and I at Larrabee Stadium walking up and down the bleachers.

Saturday night I had Braxton-Hicks contractions off and on for most of the night. Most of it was just painless uterine tightening, but one contraction in particular definitely took my breath away! My body is starting to prime its engines for the big event. This was slightly exciting, but mostly frustrating since I already haven't been sleeping much anymore. Saturday night was a tough one, I must admit.

I have a feeling the next four weeks are going to require a lot of moral support from those around me. My emotions are on edge, I'm extremely uncomfortable 90% of the time and I am totally sleep deprived with zero energy to do anything. Pretty much everything I have every heard about the last month of pregnancy is 100% true and my heart goes out to all of those other pregnant women out there. I might be bias, but I think any woman who has been pregnant deserves a round of applause. This is something you truly cannot understand until you have experienced it. So lets send some LOVE to all of the mother's out there! Thanks Mom, Grandma, Mom-in-Law.

2 weeks left of school, 4 weeks left of pregnancy...  God is good.

Sending our love to you and yours.

N. Pin It

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