Monday, March 14, 2011

Show us the {Goods}

Pin It Ah HA! The much awaited post with all the fun pictures and goodies is finally HERE!

So, this week has been pretty darn good so far. School went by pretty fast last week, of course it helped that I have been utterly overwelmed lately.... not much time to think. Sunday was another fabulous baby shower thanks to some dear friends and the grandmothers (Sofia's, that is.... and of course my own Grandma J) who put together a fabulous spread of food. Lindsay and Erin really pulled off a wonderful event with more than 50 guests in attendance! Thank you so much to all of my friends and family for the wonderful showering of gifts and advice.

 Wes and I were blessed to have gotten A LOT of what we needed for little nugget and with a couple of returns and plenty of gift cards we were able to pick up the rest of what we needed on Monday at the Babies 'R Us trip of the century. Can I just say, this was the most insane shopping trip I have ever been a part of in my life time. I didn't realize how much a baby actually needed until the basket started to fill to the brim. Here is the thing: I can honestly say we only purchased items we knew we would need. We got crib sheets and burp clothes, diaper rash cream and baby wash, cloth wipes, a Graco Pack 'N Play (that also acts as a basinet), mittens so she doesn't scratch her face, recieving blankets, breast feeding supplies for Mommy, baby monitor, diaper pail bags etc. The one good thing about this trip is that very little of it was items that couldn't be used for our next child, which means that we definitly will not have to buy these items again. So baby #1 might be super expensive, but baby #1 is also providing lots of items that will be used by any additional babies in the future. The biggest blessing of all was that between the gift cards and store credit, we only spent $50! Did I say that we were blessed? We are truly blessed to have such a giving, loving circle of family and friends.

Here is a picture of Sofia's room after our Babies 'R Us trip. Yeash!

 Fortunately, school ended up being canceled on Friday and I was able to take the time to organize everything. I am REALLY very happy with how it turned out!

 I've officially washed everything and folded most of it. I am currently still prepping some of the diapers (cloth diapers have to be prepped - this typically requires 4-6 wash and dries, which increases the absorbancy and must be done  berfore first time use..... another plus to cloth diapers - if washed properly, they tend to get more absorbant with use). We currently have a good assortment of different cloth diapers to try on our little nugget. We decided trying out a variety of options before investing in one particular brand or type was smart. We also figured that different types of cloth diapers may be good for different times, stages etc. So our cloth diaper collection consists of {6} prefolds with {2} Bummis waterproof covers, {8} gDiapers and {1} BumGenious All-in-One. Here is a picture of nugget's cloth diaper stash, you have to admit they are pretty darn cute!

And of course the disposables (for when the grandparent's are on baby sitting duty).

The hospital bag is almost packed, just a couple more things to add (and then the last minute items such as makeup, toothpaste, etc).

Wes and I have our birthing classes the 19 and 20th, I have to admit I am pretty excited! We have five weeks until our due date and I finally feel like I am getting back on top of things. Slowly but surely they are coming together! I think after next weekend I'll pretty much have everything done and be able to focus on getting through the last 3 weeks of school (while not going into early labor-- Sofia and Mommy have an agreement).

Well, I am sure there are lots of other things in our life to talk about, but who really cares when we are so close to having little nugget! Wes is doing great, he is being blessed right now in many ways, but that will have to wait for later.... no counting our eggs before their hatched!

We send our love to you and yours! Have a wonderful week until we next speak!

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