Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Week Late and {More} To Come

Pin It Okay, I officially suck. I know. I have been so absolutely overwhelmed, but am finally starting to feel on top of things again. This was written last week.... so it is OLD news. But I figured it might not be for you, so I should probably still post. I have a lot more to tell, including a wonderful baby shower this past Sunday (with lots of pictures!) and the trip of our lifetime to Babies R Us! I am going to get right on the writing of that one, so you will most likely get another post shortly hereafter for THIS week. Eeeek. Here is last weeks blog post (that was never posted):
Well, we are finally feeling much better! I went to the Doctor yesterday morning because I felt like I had an ear infection and found out that I actually had a sinus infection, which I am guessing I have had this whole time. Yeash. I am now on antibiotics (which are considered safe for the baby) and should hopefully be starting to feel like my normal third trimester self soon enough. This cold season really kicked my fat pregnant butt!

This week has had its ups and downs. On a high note, we had three birthdays, a baby shower and a list of crossed off (finally) chores. On a very low note, my in-laws were forced to put their dog Bo to sleep Saturday night. He was just the sweetest dog in the whole world. Bo would spend hours in the bedroom with me while I studied, follow me around the house and look up at me with those big puppy dog eyes and lick my face. He was one of the most loving dogs I have known, he considered himself a lap dog and his life was cut much too short. Bo was only six years old and his illness came very unexpectedly. He literally went from small signs of being sick (not eating) to extreme signs of illness and hospitalization within a week. Unfortunately, we never got a solid answer on what was wrong with him, but the vet believes it was something to do with his liver or some sort of infection of the blood. There was nothing they could do and Rick and Laura had no choice but to put him to sleep. Bo, we love and miss you, you were a part of our family and we will never forget you.

On a much happier note, I had a wonderful birthday week. Thank you to everyone who made it so. I was showered with gifts, cookies, cupcakes and lots of yummy food. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You all made it so very special for me.

Sunday, one of my best friends, Jenny Dilbeck and her mom Carol, threw me a wonderful shower with some good friends from church. They did a fabulous job and I had the time of my life! I enjoyed some amazing food, yummy homemade cupcakes and delicious punch. It was absolutely perfect! My favorite part of the whole thing was a beautiful necklace Jenny and Carol gave me with Sofia's initials on it. I love it so much and imagine that some day I will be able to pass it along to our dear daughter. 
We had a pre-natal appointment Monday and we found out that I am positive for Group B Strep. This is a bacteria that is harbored in the digestive system and can make its way into the reproductive system. It is basically harmless to adults but can cause major problems in infants. However, it is something that is very common and therefore is not seen as a problem these days. I will receive an antibiotic while I am in labor which will prevent our baby from contracting the bacterial infection from her contact with my reproductive organs as she is delivered. Trust me, it sounds much scarier than it really is and I have been reassured repeatedly that it is not a problem, EXTREMELY common and completely controllable.

We crossed some major items off of our list this weekend. We didn't exactly get much time to relax, but it feels good to know we got some of the stuff done that needs to be done before the baby gets here. Wes and I finally switched cars (in case I go into labor at school, since not many people at my school can drive a stick). We also finally found a coffee table for the living room and a book case for Sofia's room. They should arrive next week (yay!). Also, we were gifted some of our cloth diapers at the baby shower so I finally ordered some cloth diaper detergent etc. We need to get a trash can to use as a diaper pail, but I couldn't find any I liked at Target or Big Lots. I want to find one that has a foot petal to make it easy on us.

finally. Once Wes gets the time to get our patio furniture over here I think I will feel much better, its just those things on my list that nag at me as the months slowly pass by and unfortunately I am unable to do them myself or they would have been done months ago. My poor husband is so busy though that he hasn't really had a day off in months, either he was sick or I had him running errands and doing chores all day. I must say, he is a TROOPER. He hasn't had a break in a long time and I feel terrible about it. He never complains and he just keeps knocking stuff off the list. He is truly amazing, I am so blessed to have him. Pin It

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