Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Top {5} Reasons to Cloth Diaper

Pin It {No. 1}  COMFORT! Honestly, who wants to wear crinkly paper underwear? That does NOT sound fun to me! Not to mention, our little one would SCREAM when I changed her diapers and as soon as we started using cloth she stopped. This was true with disposable wipes too. She LOVES her warm cloth wipes and seems to utterly LOATHE cold disposable wipes.

{No. 2}  ECO-FRIENDLY/BABY FRIENDLY You may or may not know this, but disposables leave behind almost 3 tons of non-biodegradable waste per child. This does not even count the waste produced by manufacturing them. It is uncertain for obvious reasons, but it is estimated that they take at least 250 years to decompose into the Earth. This is horrific enough, not even counting the 50+ harmful chemicals touching your babies beautiful skin, some of which are carcinogens! 

{No. 3} GREEN IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE Yes, were talking money honey! I've spent less than $300 on Sofia's diapers. I would have spent about half of that if I knew what I know now, but I was curious and wanted to try out different options (so I purchased some more expensive All In One's and Pocket Diapers along with my Prefolds), and this also includes unnecessary items such as my wipes warmer. For a breakdown of cost, click here. Even with me spending a little extra on experimentation, you can compare that to the average cost of disposables for one year: $2000 - $3000 depending on your child. I'd say that's quite a savings! 

{No. 4} THEY ARE SUPER CUTE! Yes, I consider this a legitimate reason. I mean, honestly, if you are going to spend your hard earned money, shouldn't you get some enjoyment out of it? There is just nothing cuter than cloth diapers, they are so much fun to collect and play with. Not to mention, they come in so many colors and designs! I have more fun with her diapers half the time than I do picking out her clothes. My mind whirls at the idea of different diaper covers I want to make. So fun! 

{No. 5} CONVENIENCE Your laughing, I can hear it. YES, I really mean it, convenience! I've done both and I honestly believe cloth diapering is easier. Maybe you have to wash an extra load of laundry each night or every other day (depending on the size of your stash) but if your baby is anything like mine, your already doing laundry at least once a day. I honestly feel like doing a load of laundry is so much easier than constantly dealing with the stench of disposables, how fast they pile up, having to constantly buy them or run to the store last minute because you didn't realize you were low. Not to mention, you don't just buy one small package at a time, you typically buy a bargain box or you stock up while you are waiting for little one to arrive and those darn things take up SO much space! Pin It

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