Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mrs. Meyers {Oh My!}

Pin It Okay, so I am officially in love.
I've seen the smart packaging lurking on the cleaning aisle at the local grocery store.... then again at the local Target and being a fool for packaging it had obviously caught my eye. Finally, God beat some sense into me and I decided to pick some up and try it.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products.

And so begins a love story.

I picked up a bottle of basil scented dish soap and counter top cleaner. Lets just say, both work amazingly well.... and the smell? It is the most lovely scent, like something fresh from the garden. Which, upon doing research into the products, I found was exactly their goal! A product that smells as if it was fresh from the garden, that cleans like the dickens and that is earth friendly.

Well, I'm a convert! I have been looking into earth friendly options for a while now, especially now that our little one is here. I grew up using harsh chemicals such as bleach products and other mainstream cleaning products but as I got older I began to loathe them more and more. Mrs. Meyers makes a cost friendly cleaning product with excellent results that also smells lovely (in fact my husband even asked me what that smell was, he enjoyed it so much).

Their products are cruelty-free and biodegradable, the ingredients are at least 98% naturally derived. Keep in mind that if you are super crunchy - that 2% might really bother you and I have found that there are some unfriendly chemicals left that make up that 2%. For more information, refer to this blog post by The Smart Mama. However, for me, it is a huge step forward and one that I can afford. The company makes concentrate so that you are not constantly throwing away bottles and the spray container even has a "Time to Go Shopping" line to remind you to refill (if you don't already have the concentrate stored in your cupboard).

The company also makes soaps, bathroom cleaners, scrubs etc. that I look forward to trying.

I am also beginning to make my own cleaning products, but until I get that completely under control, I will be using Mrs. Meyers.

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