Monday, September 19, 2011

4 Months - Yikes

Pin It I can't believe I haven't posted in four months! I guess I just got lost in babyland.
Well, a lot has happened!

Wes got a new job back in July. He's been working his butt off! He grinds asphalt all over the state, which is very hard, dirty work. Fortunately, this has been a huge blessing financially, allowing me to stay home and raise our little one. Unfortunately, it does take him away from his family during the week, but I feel like we have really made it work so far!

Sofia has grown like a weed! She is a completely different baby now, I hardly believe my eyes!
She has a little personality now, which I love! She smiles and laughs and even gets a bitter little quiver lip when shes not getting her way! She has found both her hands and feet, grabbing toys and switching from hand to hand! She loves to suck on her fingers just about all day long and really enjoys that she can make sounds change by moving her hand around in her mouth! She is eating solids and loving it! She is rolling from front to back so much that I can't get her to stay on her tummy anymore. She can roll from her back to her side, but always seems to roll back to her back rather than all the way over to her front. She can sit up for a couple of seconds now and can hold herself in sitting position with one or both arms. She has really turned out to be a good little baby and saying that we are in love with her just doesn't seem to express how we really feel about her. But then again, if you have children, you probably understand that sentiment.

Here are some fun pictures to catch you up!

Also, I've started a new mommy blog (more informational, less personal) if you feel like taking a gander! Its located at:

There may be some shared posts eventually, but mostly they will be very separate. This blog is meant mainly to keep our family up to date whereas the other is just information for mom's. 

Love you all!

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