Friday, September 23, 2011

Apple Puree

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Here is a yummy apple puree. This is a single ingredient puree, perfect for a new eater. 

The best apples to use are naturally sweet apples such as organic red apples. Here, I have used organic Gala apples and I noticed that this puree was not as sweet as the last batch I made with organic reds. You can also mix apple types, but I would avoid any green apples and I would always include a red apple in the batch. The greens are too bitter for young eaters and the reds will add just enough sweetness to make baby giggle with every bight! 
Start off by washing your hands and rinsing your apples.
I use a standard potato peeler to peel my apples, if you have an apple peeler then by all means use that!  
Once your apples are peeled, you will want to core them and cut them into small, equally proportioned chunks. 
Remember, we steam our fruits and vegetables so that the water does not leach out the nutrients. Next month I will make a roasted apple puree, but for now we are steaming! 
Make sure to use filtered water.
Steam your apple chunks until they are fork tender and can easily be mashed when pushed against the side of the pan with a fork.

Once they are ready, add them to your food processor and add the steaming water as needed to created the desired consistency. The rule is the newer the eater, the runnier the puree. If you have an experience eater, you can make the puree thicker. I find that the puree is the perfect consistency for my 5 1/2 month old once I start seeing it splash onto the lid of the food processor.

Now, spoon the puree into an ice cube tray. I find that a rounded tablespoon is the perfect amount for one ice cube slot.

 Once you have filled your trays, remember to let them cool before placing in the freezer.
I used eight organic Gala apples and made a tray and a half of apple puree PLUS a small bowl for her lunch feeding (not pictured).  Nine organic apples would most likely fill two entire trays. 

Sofia LOVES apple puree. I'm pretty sure it's her favorite, or at least at the very top of her list. I've also found that feeding her either an apple puree or a pear puree every day keeps her regular and allows for an easier time of going to the bathroom. Oh the things we moms have to think about. 

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