Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Wise Diary - Day 4: The Dream Feed

Pin It After completely committing to the Baby Wise philosophy, I completely fell off my game last night. I had decided that Sofia would get a dream feed at 10pm. For those of you who don't know what a dream feed is, it is when you (after putting your baby to sleep for the night) go back in a couple hours into their slumber and feed the baby (treating it as you would a midnight feeding) once again, then put the baby back in the crib to sleep for the night.

I have never done this before. I guess I got cocky. Yesterday went spot on perfectly and I got cocky. I thought, oh were doing so well, she doesn't need a dream feed, she never needed one before when she was sleeping through the night. I made up my mind (this was probably completely instigated by how tired I was) and fell asleep.

Guess what? Sofia woke up at 10:50PM wanting a feeding. Damn.

So when will I learn that when something is working that doesn't mean stop doing it? It means it is working so stick to it! Lesson learned.

So tonight there is no argument. Dream feed will happen at 10PM despite how tired I feel.

So, aside from my major ego deflation, I feel like Sofia improved last night tremendously.

She woke at 10:50PM and was fed, she woke again around 2PM and fussed (to which I left her alone and she put herself back to sleep). She woke at 4:40AM and fed. Guess what? My alarm went off BEFORE my baby this morning. At 7:25AM I woke to my alarm. Wow. I slightly debated sleeping until the baby woke and then reminded myself of the harsh lesson I had learned the night before and decided to get up and keep our little one on her new schedule. So I get out of bed and walk into her room and guess what? She peacefully looks over at me from the crib and smiles! OH HOLY LORD, the gratefulness I felt. 

I have to say, Baby Wise, thank you for the peace you have brought to my life thus far. This is the 4th day in and I am feeling very relieved and, well, happy.
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