Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baby Wise Diary - Day 6: The Dust is Starting to Settle

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Last night, I did the dream feed at 9:30PM as planned and Sofia slept through until 1:50AM. She woke again at 4:45AM, which is starting to look pretty standard for her. So I think she has pretty solidly settled on her own little nighttime schedule: 1:30ish and 4:30ish.  Rough, but doable.... for now. It's an improvement at the very least, but still far from our goal of sleeping through the night.

The only thing is... she is still waking at some point and crying and/or fussing. Each night this crying period seems to get closer and closer to the morning though. So maybe it will keep moving forward until it just becomes a part of the day and disappears. Last night, she was quite awake at her 4:45AM feeding and she seemed to have some trouble settling back down to sleep after that, she cried and fussed in her crib, fell asleep for a short while and woke completely at 6:45AM. 

So we got up EARLY this morning, but I held off on feeding her until the normal wake up/feeding time of 7:30AM. HOWEVER, this early rising made way for a major breakthrough! I decided, despite her early rising, that I was going to keep her on her schedule. So I fed her at 7:30AM and waited until 9AM to put her down for a nap. She started to show tired cues around 8:45AM, so I decided that putting her down for a nap 15 minutes early wouldn't hurt. Not only did she fall asleep immediately but she slept the entire 1.5 hours!!!

So that's when I realized: she needs more awake time! Two hours of awake time based on this mornings results. It seemed to work perfectly, which means I should transition her to a 3.5 hour schedule so that she gets 2 hours of awake time at each rotation.

So that's my theory, lets see if it works. Pin It

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