Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baby Wise Diary - Day 7: Moving to a 4 Hr. Schedule

Pin It Okay, so I guess I should have realized that Sofia needed a four hour schedule given that she is 5 months old and was already successful on a 4 hour in the past....  but I was committed to following the Baby Wise philosophy and that meant starting with a 3hr. and working my way from there.

So today we are transitioning to a 4 hr. schedule:

7:30AM: Wake, Nurse & Solids
8AM - 10AM: Play!
10AM - 11:30AM: Nap

11:30AM: Nurse & Solids
12PM - 2PM: Play!
2PM - 3:30PM: Nap

3:30PM: Nurse & Solids
4PM - 7PM: Play!
7PM: Bedtime Routine - Bath, Massage & PJ's, Nurse, Story, Pray & Bed

She woke a little after 7AM and because her scheduled wake-up/breakfast time is at 7:30AM I let her fuss/play in bed until 7:25AM and then got her out to change her and feed her.

She got tired about 2 hours in, so I pushed it until 9:45AM and put her down for her nap about 15 minutes early. BUT, she cried for about 10-15 minutes before falling asleep, so I probably could have kept her up until her nap time of 10AM without over-doing it. I want her to bend, not break, so I am factoring in a reasonable amount of leniency on the nap times. I am being very solid on the feeding times. I feel like once she gets comfortable eating every four hours, the napping will follow suit.... but only time will tell!

She handled the first four hours between feedings like a champ! She showed some hunger cues around the three hour mark, but was easily distracted. It was better than I could have expected!

Her nap was only 45 minutes. Remember, my whole theory was that she needed more awake time in order to sleep the desired amount of nap time (proven by our experience yesterday morning), but now I think its a mixture of stability (knowing what to expect) and more awake time.

She woke 45 minutes into her nap, with no chance of going back to sleep. This means that instead of having 2.5 hours of awake time, she was going to end up having 3 hours and 15 minutes of awake time. So as expected, exactly two hours in, she became so very tired that she passed out while we were out running errands.

This made me nervous because I wasn't sure how I was going to recover, especially when she woke up 20 minutes later and was wide awake. All I could think is, at some point today, there is going to be a major crash and burn. I decided I would simply focus on keeping the feedings 4 hours apart for now and let her nap if it was necessary, but just strive to meet the schedule and ultimately focus on the feedings, worrying about the naps later. Transition takes time.

So I was happy to realize that she was very tired around 2PM, which is exactly the time she was supposed to take her afternoon nap according to our 4 hour schedule. So, I decided to put her down and just keep moving forward, trying to stick as closely to the schedule as possible, mainly focusing on the feedings. So I put her down at 2PM and she slept until the entire 1.5 hours! Not only that, I actually had to wake her at 3:30PM to feed her!

The last rotation was the biggest struggle because she got so very tired. She just couldn't make it the three hours. I let her take a cat nap of about 15 minutes because I knew she couldn't last, but I also wanted her to go to bed on time. This worked out great! We went through out bedtime routine and she played quietly in her crib and fell asleep. Perfecto! I admit though, this last section will need some work with the nap thing.... not sure how that is going to work out, but I guess only time will tell.

So, I will give her a dream feed at 9:30PM and hopefully tonight will be an improvement. It seems like the nights are starting to even out, but they are still in need of much improvement....

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