Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baby Wise Diary - Week 2: Nightime Success At Last!

Pin It Week two went very well! I've realized, however, that Sofia really does prefer to be on a schedule. She does so well when we stay on schedule. On the days that things sort of veer off our schedule, she shows signs of frustration.

I've also realized that with being on a schedule I can now see the domino effect. I can see the cause and effect of everything that happens throughout our day.... for instance, the morning nap really does set the tone for the day. I've also found that I have a window for Sofia's naps. If I put her down in that window, she is a perfect angel. If I put her down before that window opens (or after it closes for that matter) I experience complete anarchy. 

We had tremendous success last night! Sofia slept until 3AM, woke up for a feeding and then slept through until 7:30AM (her scheduled wake-up time!). I woke up stunned (and feeling GREAT). So I am praying that tonight is the same!

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