Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daddy Hard at Work!

Pin It Wes has been working his butt off. He is such a good Daddy and husband. He takes such good care of his family, we couldn't have asked for a more loving, caring, hard-working man!

He is working on some BIG machinery. He grinds asphalt all over the state. So far, he has been all over the central valley, up to San Francisco, San Jose, the Sequoia National Forest, down to Los Angeles and right now in Thousand Oaks. We are very excited about this Thousand Oaks job because it should go on for a bit and allows him to commute from home. This means that we get more time together as a family! There's nothing better than that!

Right now, Wes is a groundsman which is a really hard job. A lot depends on him and he is constantly running around this big machine making sure everything is right. Last week he spent a lot of time out on the road with his cousin Jessie (Jessie and his father, Jerry, own the company) and Jess was able to give Wes some training up top.

I spend a lot of time washing extremely dirt clothing. Hehe. It's actually been a lot of fun experimenting with different ways of getting slurry and oily dirt out of jeans and white shirts. 
Just to give you an idea:
Yes - that is Wes, covered in dirt. This is what he looks like after a normal day.

We love him even when he's dirty.

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  1. What a Grandson. You are beautiful
    even in dirt. Am so proud of you, West.
    Love & prayers, Gram