Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enter Babywise: The Diary

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Well, August has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I can hardly even remember it beginning and now it is already over. On the upside, it is already starting to feel like fall in this little seaside town of ours. I love fall, the crispness of the air, the colors, pumpkins and gourdes and squash of all kinds, but most of all, I love the smell. This is truly my favorite time of year and I look forward to introducing Sofia to the wonders of her very first Southern California fall.

The husband ventured all over our great state this last week, from Ventura to San Francisco, San Jose and the wilderness above Fresno. Sofia and I were so happy to have him home for almost four days this week thanks to the holiday! We spent a wonderful weekend BBQing and enjoying our family and friends.

We also spent this weekend starting Baby Wise. Sofia was such a good baby in the beginning, she ate every four hours and slept through the night. At three months, she hit her three month growth spurt and her schedule went out the window. Then, we started traveling almost weekly and sleeping through the night went out the window. She became so very attached to me, could no longer fall asleep without me and wouldn't even sleep in her own crib anymore. This has gone on for almost two months now and I just couldn't handle tip-toeing around her anymore.

SO, I made the decision to pick up a copy of On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam (which I had heard much about, both good and bad, and wanted to review for myself). I agreed with the book, but maybe that is my personal parenting style. Husband and I spent the beginning of the weekend reading the book and re-reading to make sure we had a grasp on the concepts before implementing them. We first came up with Sofia's schedule, which looks like this:

7:30A: Wake & Nurse
8A-9A: Play
9A - 10:30A: Nap

10:30A: Nurse & Solids
11A-12P: Play
12P-1:30P: Nap

1:30P: Nurse & Solids
2P-3P: Play
3P-4:30P: Nap

4:30P: Nurse & Solids
5P-7P: Play
7P: Bath, Massage, PJ's & Bedtime Story
7:15P: Nurse
7:30: Bedtime

10P: Dreamfeed

So far, the schedule has gone superbly! Tonight will be the first time we will do a dreamfeed, so I am not sure what to expect. I am adding this in because the days have gone excellently so far but the nights have still been rough. I know that the nights follow the days, so I am going to wait and see once the daytime schedule begins to take hold if the nights begin to improve.

So while enforcing the new schedule, we also put Sofia in her crib at her nap time and let her cry it out (which of course she did since she thought she needed me to go to sleep). The first two attempts, she cried for 30 minutes each. The third, she only cried for 6 minutes! The fourth, she cried for less than 2 minutes! Now, she either cries for anywhere from 2 seconds to 5 minutes or simply plays quietly until she falls asleep. It is absolutely amazing. I am in awe that my child is even capable of this.

SO, now we are working on enforcing the schedule so that it becomes automatic and improving her nap length. I feel like these things will begin to all even out once the schedule begins to take hold.

So tonight will be the third night since we began Baby Wise, the first two have been terrible, possibly worse than they've been in a month. Today was the most successful day so far, I am hoping to see some improvement tonight as well! Wish me luck!

I am very happy with the results thus far, I never excepted to see an improvement this fast! Not to mention, she has been a total angel today, which I take as a very positive sign! Not at all what I expected from such a big change in routine. I think my daughter actually enjoys being on a schedule!

To be honest, being a first time parent is scary and you constantly question yourself. This book gave me a lot of confidence, especially seeing it working in such a positive way!

There is nothing like a successful breakthrough when you are a new parent!
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