Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Fall! You are always welcome at my doorstep!

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I had husband lug up the box of fall decorations yesterday. I just felt like it was time to decorate! And then, would you believe it! My dad called and told me he had a pumpkin for Sofia! What a pumpkin it was! So, I was thrilled to go to sleep last night with the scent of pumpkin candles and the feeling of fall in my heart.

Not only did my dad bring over a huge pumpkin, but he also brought a cute little gourde, a bunch of yummy local produce and some avocados and fresh eggs from the family ranch. Talk about spoiling us girls rotten!

Not only that, but thanks to these wonderful candles that I've had for about five years now (yes, I am serious), the house smells lovely! After five years, these candles are on their last leg so I am looking forward to ordering the new ones I found from Melaleuca - the wellness company! Pin It

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