Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Warm Cloth Wipes for Sweet Baby Butts

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 Cloth diapering is just plain easier if you use cloth wipes. Think about it, a cloth wipe just gets thrown in the diaper pail with the cloth diaper. A disposable wipe has to be put in the trash, adding one more step to the process. This gets old when you are changing a diaper I don't know how many times a day. Not to mention, cloth wipes go longer - one quality cloth wipe can clean up an entire mess of number two (yes, the kind that comes after eating solids). 

Here is how I make my wipes. I have friends who just gets each wipe wet before every diaper change and this works really well for her. This doesn't work for me at all, I prefer to have them ready to go! This way, I make a batch of wipes every 4 days (which takes about 5 minutes) and I don't have to think about it in between. 

I use a standard mixing bowl and add a tiny amount of baby wash. When I say tiny, I mean less than a teaspoon (maybe half a teaspoon). You can use whatever baby wash you are already using to bathe your baby. I am currently using Burt's Bees, which I know works well with Sofia's skin (she has very sensitive skin). You can also add a teaspoon of olive oil if you would like a natural moisturizer, but I found this was unnecessary for Sofia since I use Kissaluv's Diaper Lotion Potion on her at least once a day.
You will want to use warm water, this will speed up the warming time when using a wipes warmer. Use your fingers to make sure the wash has mixed well with the water. Add your wipes and soak through.

Most wipes warmers come with a cushion in the bottom that needs to stay moist. I make sure to rinse, ring and re-wet mine every time I make new wipes. I also check the smell of the cushion and the warmer to make sure nothing has decided to make our wipes warmer it's new home. If you change your wipes at least once a week, you should not have to worry about mold of any kind. However, if you let them sit for an extended period of time you are just inviting something to come live in your wipes warmer. 
Warmth + Moisture + Porous Material = A Living Organism's Paradise! 
So I always check to make sure something hasn't snuck in and set up camp.
Now, I simply replace the re-moistened cushion in the bottom and ring out and fold each wipe. You make think that it would be better to leave the wipes sopping wet, but trust me, ring them out. They will work much better and will keep your baby's butt from getting overly moist and rashing up. 
Ta-da! Once your wipes are folded and in place, you are done and have 3-4 days worth of wipes! Sometimes a full warmer will last me only 3 days and sometimes it will last almost an entire week! It just depends on your baby's bodily rhythms and how much you have to clean up.  

Items used in this post: 
  • Prince Lionheart Warmies Warmer available at Babies 'r Us and (make sure you get the Warmies Warmer and not the Wipes Warmer. The Warmies Warmer is for cloth and the Wipes Warmer is for disposable. Also, you may be tempted to pick up the Prince Lionheart Warmies (cloth wipes) but don't. Just trust me). 
  • Green Mountain Diapers 5X8 Two Sided Wipes available at Green Mountain Diapers. These are fabulous wipes, one side is terry and one side is soft making for easy cleanup of big messes! They last forever! These will not disappoint. (These wipes fray around the edges after the first wash, simply trim edges and it won't happen again, this is expected and is even stated on the GMD website. However, don't let this dissuade you, these are an excellent product and GMD has amazing customer service!)
  • Burt's Bees Baby Wash available at Target and anywhere where Burt's Bee's is carried.  
  • Kissaluv's Diaper Lotion Potion available at GMD. More on this later.

Happy Cloth Diapering! 

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