Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bouncing Baby Lady Bugs

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Another week gone by!  It's unbelievable how fast time flies now that we have little miss Sofia. We did a lot of exploring this week! 

We were excited to get so much yummy produce in our CSA box this week! Including broccoli (which I will have more to tell you about later). I also got some turnips which I am not quite sure what to do with.... I have been looking up recipes online, so we'll see what I come up with! I think that is one of the fun things about subscription farming - you just get whatever is in season! It really makes you think outside of the box and allows for all kinds of fun experimenting with new veggie recipes!
 All this produce for only $22. I got way more than 22 vegetables. To me, that's a great buy! A huge box of organic, local fruits and veggies for less than a dollar a piece. Sweet. Even better when everything TASTES like you grew it in your own backyard... even the tomatoes - YUM!

Grandpa came over and played with Sofia! She tried to steal his hat. It was just a little too big!

We went to Gabriella's 1st birthday party! What a fun time! Sofia got to wear her new Halloween costume that Grandma Lesa got her. She had a blast playing in the grass and hanging  out with some friends.
 That's little Gabriella in her tutu ballerina costume! How sweet is she!!

Our mommy group got together for a delicious breakfast over at Carol's house, we had such a blast!

Sofia realized that she could actually JUMP in her Jumperoo. I'm pretty sure this is the funniest thing ever, I could watch her for hours! 

So, I mentioned earlier that I was excited to get a bunch of delicious organic broccoli in our CSA box from Abundant Harvest.
I decided to make this super delicious baby food recipe by Chef Tyler Florence. It is called Olive Oil Roasted Broccoli with Parmesan Cheese. I know, it already sounds delicious! 
It was! It was SOOOO delicious. Not to mention, you can take a couple of scoops out for baby and add some extra olive oil to turn it into a yummy pasta sauce for the family. I can't wait to make it again as a pasta sauce. 
Here is the recipe:

Guess what..... Sofia HATED it! 
That's okay, I was excited to finish it for her. It really was delicious. I have a feeling Sofia prefers things a little more sweet than savory and this was definitely not sweet.

Wes and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary this week. That means we've been together 8 years. Sheesh. I would be lying if I said I wasn't still head over hills for the man. Guess he's stuck with me for life. :o)

Hope you are all doing well.
Sending love and prayers your way, 
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