Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BPA Free Baby Bottles

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My baby was exclusively breast fed until last month when I started supplementing and thus began the search for the best baby bottle. 

After much research and a couple of trial runs, I passed some bottles along to friends and settled on two brands that I am satisfied with. Here is a review of what I feel are the best options out there.

My favorite bottles are by Dr. Browns and Born Free. 
Both make BPA Free plastic bottles and glass bottles. Both brands have valves that help prevent air consumption and colic, reducing spit up and gas pain.
 The Born Free bottle is almost identical to the Dr. Brown's wide mouth bottle. I prefer the wide mouth bottle because I feel it is more BREAST friendly. Meaning that it is easier for the baby to transition between the large wide mouth bottle nipple and the breast. The Born Free bottle has a 1-piece valve that snaps between the bottle and the nipple as shown below. 

9 oz. BPA free plastic bottle from Born Free
Dr. Brown's wide mouth BPA free plastic bottle has a nipple that is identical to the Born Free nipple, accomplishing the same goal for breastfeeding mothers. The valve in the Dr. Brown's bottle is a 2-piece valve that extends to the bottom of the bottle.  

Dr. Brown's 8 oz. BPA free wide mouth plastic bottle
 To be 100% honest, I love and prefer glass bottles except that they are heavy and require constant supervision. I prefer glass to plastic in all areas of the kitchen, unfortunately this is an unreasonable expectation for my baby. I do; however, own two glass bottles that I use on a regular basis.

Dr. Brown's 8 oz. glass bottle
I have used many different types of bottles before settling on these two brands. I feel that these are exceptional and work the best for my baby. 
Remember, all baby's are different so always try different options before settling on your favorite, but remember, always buy BPA free plastics!

Why BPA free?
Bisphenol A is commonly known as environmental estrogen and once ingested acts as a hormone blocker. It has been linked to breast cancer, fetal brain development issues, obesity, thyroid dysfunction, early puberty in girls and increased risk of cancer.
BPA information taken from Start Fresh by Tyler Florence
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