Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Cinnamon Scented Pears

Pin It Well, with Fall in the air and the last couple of pears on my grandmother's tree, I decided to make a Fall inspired pear puree for Sofia. She is turning six months old on the 9th and so now I will start adding spices and more powerful flavor combinations to the menu! How exciting!

5 ripe organic pears - whichever type your prefer
1 organic cinnamon stick 

I started off with five Asian pears. These are also known as Chinese pears or apple pears because their texture is very similar to an apple. I use this type of pear because my grandmother has a tree and I know they are grown organically. You can easily switch this out for whichever pear your prefer or have access to. 

Remember to wash your hands before your start.
Peel, core and cut the fruit into small pieces (make sure they are all around the same size so they cook evenly). 
Put pear pieces into a medium saucepan, add filtered watch to just below the pear line.
 Insert and organic cinnamon stick into the pan, submerge into the water.
 Simmer the pears at medium heat until they are fork tender. I can usually tell when the pears are done because they take on a transparent look.
 Remove the cinnamon stick. Transfer the pears to your food processor and process like normal but DO NOT add water to the processor. Trust me, the pears are liquid enough. In fact, pears are very watery once defrosted so you can take one of two steps: 

A. add some organic baby rice cereal or oatmeal to the pear mixture before freezing or 
B. add organic baby rice cereal or baby oatmeal to the defrosted mixture before each serving. 

I prefer to do option B., this works well for me.

If you are following a recipe on this blog for the first time and do not know how to proceed once the pears are in the food processor, simply refer to the previous recipes listed under Organic Baby Food. Apple puree is a great one to refer to because pears and apples are similar, although all of my purees are processed and put into ice-cube dishes.

Pear and/or apple puree is a great daily staple to keep your baby's intestines regular. I always make sure Sofia gets one of these purees each day or she starts to get backed up.

Also, remember that those cores and skins don't have to go to waste. You can compost them if you have a compost pile. If not, hopefully you have access to someone who has a farm animal of some kind who loves scrap fruits or vegetables. My dad keeps chickens out on our family ranch and they love fruit and vegetable scraps!

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