Saturday, October 1, 2011

Local Harvest

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Community Supported Agriculture.
The best thing since cloth diapers, or before cloth diapers, or something like that.

Community support agriculture (CSA) is the practice of "subscription farming." It allows community members to enter into a deal with their local farmers by paying a certain amount each week and receiving a big ol' basket of fresh produce and choice add-on's in exchange.

I'll tell you why this is the best thing is the whole darn food world:
1. Local produce is typically organic (check with your farmers) and because it isn't traveling hundreds of miles you are (a.) getting fresher, more nutritious food and (b.) reducing the use of fuel etc. used in shipping that produce hundreds of miles.
2. There is nothing better than supporting your own community and supporting your local farmers. When you purchase locally you get a better price and the farmer gets a reasonable wage.
3. You get what is in season - meaning it is what our bodies are supposed to eat at that time of year and again, it hasn't traveled half way around the world to get to you.
4. Your supporting local farm workers and investing your money back into your community.

Now, you can also accomplish all of these goals by shopping at the local farmers market BUT with a CSA everything is packed into your very own box and either delivered to your house or delivered to a pick-up site where you will pick it up each week. Being a mom, this is the cat's meow! Not only that, but in addition to the produce you can typically order add-on items such as raw milk, nuts, spices, eggs, cheese, butter, coffee and select fruits, vegetables etc. Fabulous! 

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