Monday, October 3, 2011

This Week Was FUN

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This week we....

Tried New Hair Styles.

Discovered the Earth's Bounty.

Fell In Love With Plush Blue Elephants.

Practiced Sitting Up.

Woke Up Slowly in New PJ's from Auntie Jenny.

Did Lots of Sweet Sleeping.

This was a fun week for our little family. Mommy and Daddy  were able to get a new family friendly vehicle (yes, it actually fits BOTH the car seat AND the stroller without a struggle!). We have been looking for over a year now, but we decided to leave it in the Lord's hands and that He would let us know when the time was right.

Sofia and I went on the Women's Retreat with our church. It's always such a blessing to be surrounded by such amazing women. There is so much kindness and love there. What a truly wonderful feeling.

We made some fun new fall inspired baby foods! 
Maple Carrots with Nutmeg

Cinnamon Scented Pears

Both recipes will be featured on my public blog this week:

Sofia LOVED them both. In fact, I normally serve her two tablespoons of pears in the morning and she INSISTED on having more. She gobbled down FOUR tablespoons worth of pears!! 

ALSO, our family was blessed with the birth of another beautiful baby girl!
Congratulations to my cousin Josh and his wonderful wife Marie on the birth of little 
Sadie Lynn
born September 29th, 2011 at 12:59AM
5lbs 15 oz, 18.5 inches

What a precious angel!

Also, please continue to pray for the Harrell family and for my friend Brittney who lost her husband this week. She has a one year old son.

Sending our love and prayer your way. 

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