Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Unintentional Sabbatical

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Well, looks like I took a couple of months off without even realizing it. Ok, I'm lying. I sort of started to notice about a month ago. Man that went fast! To be honest, I've felt very lazy these past few
months... still not sure why. I am starting to feel back to my normal self. So how about an update?

I started planning Sofia's 1st birthday party this last week. I can't believe it's almost a month away! Our little baby is almost a year old. She's 10 and a half months old to be exact.

Since we last spoke she has just blossomed into a tiny little individual. She has an opinion and is very determined. She still isn't crawling and honestly, she doesn't seem very interested in the prospect of ever doing so. She loves to stand and walk around the house holding onto Mommy or Daddy's hands. She can definitely get from one end of the room to the other, either by rolling or a combination of different techniques.

She is loud, very loud -- very talkative. She says "mommy", "mom", "dadda", "dad", "baby", "dog", "Abbe (her Great Grandma Nona's dog's name)" and "Uht-Oh." The best part is that she uses all of the words discriminately, she knows what they represent and they aren't just sounds to her. She also says "Mmmm" and "yum" in response to food and shakes her head no when you say "no!"
AND last night she said "night night" for the first time when I tucked her into bed!

She gives kisses and hugs now, she will hold onto you when you hold her and bury her head in your neck when she's feeling shy. She smiles all the time, constantly.

To say the least, we've really fallen in love with this little rascal of ours.

I no longer make baby food, Sofia pretty much eats whatever I eat. She still gets some formula, which will continue to be her main form of nutrition until she is one. However, I'm very picky about her getting nutritious food in addition to her formula and to be honest she is starting to show signs of preferring the food over the formula.

She's in the 95th percentile for height, weight and head diameter. 

She's an easy baby. She sleeps 12 hours straight and only fusses when she is hungry or tired. I owe this to Baby Wise though, which I swear by.

I could go on and on because to be honest, we are pretty obsessed with the kid, but this is a good little update.

No more unintentional sabbaticals, I promise.


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