Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Brains Amaze Me

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I admit, I'm pretty obsessed with my little nugget. 
I walked in on her the other day playing with her basket of shoes. I sort of stood there watching her because I could tell she was deep in thought. She was holding one shoe, examining it and looking over towards the basket which held the rest of her shoes. She sort of did this for a good 30 seconds and then suddenly leaned forward and grabbed the matching shoe out of the basket! I couldn't believe my eyes. At first I was unsure and thought maybe this was just a random coincidence. I watched quietly a moment longer as she got tired of those two shoes and grabbed another one. She examined it, moved it around in her hand and began looking back and forth from the shoe to the basket. My heart lept as she leaned forward and grabbed the new shoe's mate! She was finding like items!!! Now, I've obviously never been a mother before so everything Sofia does is a first for me. I have to admit, I was in complete awe of my daughter. I didn't think she would be doing this until she was well passed 1 year old, or maybe I just never thought about when. Either way she amazed me.
Baby brains amaze me. I think when you are a first time parent everything your child does is amazing. I'm just so in awe of this little creature and how advanced her brain is at barely 11 months old. It really makes you appreciate the power of the human brain and even more so than that, the greatness and glory of God. How can you experience such wonder and not believe in God? I'm not sure. I know many people can, but to me, it is impossible to watch my little daughter and her amazing abilities and not see her as this beautiful gift created in His image.
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