Monday, March 5, 2012

Silence Isn't {Always} Golden

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Sofia recently started crawling (finally!). She was already getting into everything, but now that she is crawling everything has taken on a whole new meaning. I had one of those mommy moments this morning when I was making my latte and Sofia was playing in the living room and suddenly I realized it was so soothingly quiet. Too soothingly quiet. 

My mommy alarm went off and upon checking on my dear sweet daughter I found that she had made her way over to our ottoman, pulled herself up and had begun ransacking my purse/diaper bag. She has a purse obsession because she seems to be drawn to this and pulling all of its contents out. To say she is determined is the understatement of the century.  She had already removed several items. My wallet had been skillfully removed from the purse AND all of its contents had been removed, every bill, every card, everything.... all over the floor. I don't have a small wallet (in fact it is quite heavy) and I fail horribly at keeping it organized, so the pile was quite large. 

As with most babies, my baby prefers toys that aren't really toys. Its funny because when we think of an alarm we think of something unbearably loud, but in the case of older babies & toddlers, I would argue that silence is often the most foreboding of alarms.

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