Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet Potato Puree for Baby

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I was shopping Trader Joe's and noticed that they finally had sweet potatoes in! I have been waiting for that beautiful nutrient-packed orange root to arrive at our local grocer. Sofia loves sweet potato (so does Mommy)! 

Remember to always wash your hands before handling food. Start with ORGANIC sweet potatoes and remove the skins. Cut into small chunks (the smaller the chunks, the quicker they steam). I put them in a steamer basket and steam over simmering water. It is important that they are steamed in order to retain the nutritional value. If you boil them, the water leaches all of the nutrients out of the potato. No bueno! Make sure you use purified water. 

Once they are fork tender, move them to the food processor. Don't let them cool, they process much better when hot. You will need to add some of the steaming water so that the blade catches. Keep adding water until you see a nice fluid motion. I find that they are the perfect consistency once they start "spurting" onto the processor's lid. All babies are different, but usually the younger the baby, the smoother the consistency needs to be. Sofia prefers a thicker consistency and can even handle some chunks. Younger babies cannot handle chunks, be careful because for inexperienced eaters chunks can be a choking hazard.  
Once you have reached your desired consistency, you will transfer the puree to ice cube trays to freeze. I have found that a nicely rounded tablespoon fills once ice cub slot perfectly.
Once the trays are full, let them cool completely before putting them in the freezer. I put them into freezer bags which I use later to hold the frozen cubes. Let them freeze overnight before removing them from the trays. 

And voila! Yummy sweet potato puree! When it's time to eat, simply defrost a couple of cubes to body temperature and serve! Sofia eat 3 cubes at 5 months old (after nursing; however, she is a big eater, all babies are different). I have to admit, I often hope she doesn't finish so that I can clean the bowl. Yummy!

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