Monday, March 12, 2012

Tricks of the Trade - A Lil' Relief for a Sick Babe

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Sofia recently spent some time dealing with both a terrible cold and a new tooth at the same time. So, to say the least, I learned some tricks. Hoping they help you as much as they helped us! 

  • Surround yourself with a support group. Every mommy needs a tribe. Whether it is a group of sweet mommy friends or some loving family, you need mental and physical support.
  • Take a deep breathe and pray for patience, love and strength. Don't underestimate the power of prayer. 
  • A bulb syringe is less scary than a battery powered aspirator. Often times, old IS better than new. Sofia fights the battery powered aspirator with a vengeance, she only shows mild discomfort with the bulb syringe. You'd laugh at how long it took me to realize this. 
  • Boogie Wipes are AMAZING. It's funny to think that something can actually give you a better snot wiping experience, but it can. Sofia screamed, cried, writhed in anger and turned beet red every time I tried to wipe her nose with tissue, baby wipes, even soft damp baby washcloths. I had a coupon for Boogie Wipes and decided to try them, I got GRAPE scent since I figured it would be more pleasant/distracting for a baby. Sofia doesn't even protest with these! One time she even tried to eat one! They are UBER soft and actually leave the skin moisturized. Love them for a sick baby!!
  • A Cold Mist Humidifier Works Wonders. They really do work. They help clear the passages and actually allow for better sleep. The first night I used this, Sofia slept 13 hours. YES, 13 hours AND she woke with less mucus. It is not a loud machine and it creates more of an ambient noise (whereas a vaporizer etc. creates "POOF" sounds which are disrupting to young ears). 
  • Cold or  Frozen Treats Send LOVE to a Sore Throat or Inflamed Gum. A friend recommended frozen Gogurt for a teething baby and it really is a rockin idea! I've also used cold apple sauce for a sore throat and even frozen berry's in a mesh fruit sucker. All give soothing relief. 
  • Hot Shower or Warm Bath. I've found that sometimes Sofia gets herself super worked up and then has a hard time winding down, especially if she is not feeling well. A warm bath is very relaxing and works wonders. She really enjoys playing in the water too, so it takes her mind off of how irritated she is with everything. A hot shower is great to relieve stuffed up nasal passages, just remember, baby skin is more sensitive than mommy skin so watch the temperature. 
  • Highland's Teething Tabs and/or Baby Acetaminophen/Baby Ibuprofen. Teething Tabs are a phenomenal homeopathic way to sooth inflamed gums. They work really well. I've found there are times they've worked better and times I haven't noticed much of a difference, but I feel like the times I haven't noticed much of  a difference are the times I was late to the gate. Meaning, I didn't catch on as fast and therefore wasn't proactive. They don't work well to chase the pain, you need to be proactive. If you find yourself late to the gate and chasing the pain, then don't be afraid to use baby acetaminophen or baby ibuprofen. Speak with your pediatrician about the appropriate dosage and age to use these. DO NOT use baby ibuprofen before 6 months of age and DO NOT use without consulting your pediatrician on the proper dosage for either medication. My friend had educated me on the fact that pain killers have a "sweet spot" which occurs at two hours in (mid dosage, as they are administered every 4 hours), which means at about 2 hours post dose they are at their most effective and then slowly become less effective as you near the time for the next dose. Remember, pain remedies work best when you are proactive and avoid chasing the pain. 
  • Lots of Love From Mommy. I strongly believe that sick babies really do need more mommy love. They need to be cuddled more, loved on more, held more and just plain allowed to have as much mommy love as they want while they are sick. They don't understand what is wrong with them and all they know is mommy=comfort. So cuddle that little baby up, coo in her ear and stroke her hair. 

These are just some of the things I've found bring comfort or help me to get through the sicky baby phase. Hopefully they will bring comfort to your little one as well. 
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